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Apple dominates worldwide tablet market despite supply problems

Apple, according to the latest IDC estimates, sold 12.9 million iPads in the second quarter of the current financial year, accounting for 31.9 % of the category’s market share. Samsung shipped 8 mn tablets, accounting for a distant 19.6 % of the total market. Although the tablet market was more constrained than Chromebooks, it nonetheless managed to grow by 4.2 % YoY, with 40.5 mn units sold during the period.

Apple says, 85% compatible devices have iOS 14 installed

A statistical report released by Apple highlighted that 85% of all compatible iPhones have iOS 14 installed on them, while 90% of all devices launched in the last four years have iOS 14. Among the remaining 10%, almost 85 users have iOS 13 while only 2% are functioning on an older version. 91% of iPads launched in the last 4 years have iPadOS 14 while 8% are on iPadOS 13 and only 1% are on an older version. Overall 79% of all iPads have iPadOS 14.

Conring to receive $45mn from Apple to increase manufacturing capacity

Apple has given the supplier for precision glass for Apple products, Corning inc. a sum of $45mn from their advancement funds to increase manufacturing capacity. Corning supplies precision glass for Apple devices including iPhone, Apple Watch, and iPad, and is working with the smartphone makers for a long time. Apple announced its plans to add 20,000 jobs and contribute over $430bn to the US economy in the next five years.

Apple gives Zoom access to private iPad camera API

Video calling platform Zoom has been granted access to the iPad camera API by Apple. This enables the app to use the camera during iPad split view multitasking. Zoom users can use split-view multitasking to access Twitter, notes, and other such apps. Jeremy Provost, an app developer, said to receive access to any API, Apple needs to give entitlement but for this API there was no such process.