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Apple halts the production of the iPhone 12 mini      

TrendForce reported that Apple has halted the production of the iPhone mini. However, the iPhone 12 mini is still up on Apple’s website and will continue to sell as long as stocks last. Apple launched four iPhones last year, of which iPhone 12 mini was the least performing among other iPhone 12 series phones. iPhone 12 mini was one the most affordable, lightest, thinnest, and smallest among all the other iPhone 12 series.

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Google may get a crowd-sourced network like Apple’s Find My network

Apple’s Find My network is one of its most efficient services. This service is used by Apple to find lost devices including Macbooks, iPhones, iPods, etc. Similar tech is also used by Samsung. The APK teardown has revealed a hidden code found in the latest version of the Google Play Services 21.24.13 in the beta channel. This can be taken as a clear indication of the fact that Google is working on a Find My-type of network for its devices.

Apple says, 85% compatible devices have iOS 14 installed

A statistical report released by Apple highlighted that 85% of all compatible iPhones have iOS 14 installed on them, while 90% of all devices launched in the last four years have iOS 14. Among the remaining 10%, almost 85 users have iOS 13 while only 2% are functioning on an older version. 91% of iPads launched in the last 4 years have iPadOS 14 while 8% are on iPadOS 13 and only 1% are on an older version. Overall 79% of all iPads have iPadOS 14.

Conring to receive $45mn from Apple to increase manufacturing capacity

Apple has given the supplier for precision glass for Apple products, Corning inc. a sum of $45mn from their advancement funds to increase manufacturing capacity. Corning supplies precision glass for Apple devices including iPhone, Apple Watch, and iPad, and is working with the smartphone makers for a long time. Apple announced its plans to add 20,000 jobs and contribute over $430bn to the US economy in the next five years.

IBM unveils generation next 2-nanometer chip making tech

IBM introduced its one-of-a-kind, 2-nanometer chip-making technology. This technology could be 45% faster than the existing 7-nanometer chips and 75% more power-efficient. The 2-nanometer chips, which IBM says is the first in the world, will be much smaller in size and faster than 5-nanometer chips, available in premium smartphones including Apple iPhone 12 models. The technology, however, will take years to hit the market.

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Russian hackers hit Apple in $50 mn ransomware cyber attack

Russia-based REvil group of hackers have hit iPhone maker Apple in a $50 mn ransomware attack via Taiwan-based Quanta Computer that manufactures MacBooks and other devices. The cybercriminals are demanding $50 mn from Apple after Quanta refused to pay and threatened the smartphone maker to publish confidential information on the Dark Web. The attack coincides with Apple’s “Spring Loaded” event.

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Facebook updates ad tools to comply with Apple’s privacy changes

Facebook is tweaking its advertising tools to adopt the upcoming privacy update in Apple smartphones. Apple’s new policy will limit the role of data collection features used by digital advertisers on its devices. The social network and Apple has been at loggerheads with each other over the ‘App Tracking Transparency’ feature, which will go live in Apple devices by next week, using which users can block advertisers from tracking them across all apps on the phone.

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In rare admission, Apple says three security bugs ‘actively exploited’ by hackers

Apple has released iOS 14.4 and said in its update pages for iOS and iPadOS 14.4 that the three bugs affecting iPhones and iPads “may have been actively exploited.” Details of the vulnerabilities are scarce, and Apple declined to give any information beyond advisory. Two of the bugs were found in WebKit, the engine that powers the Safari browser, and the Kernel, the core of the OS. It’s a rare admission by Apple which claim itself on its security image.

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Journalists’ iPhones hacked with NSO ‘zero-click’ spyware

Journalists at Al-Jazeera have been targeted by advanced spyware in an attack likely linked to the govt of Saudi Arabia and the UAE, cybersecurity watchdog Citizen Lab said. The most alarming part is that iMessages were infecting mobiles without victims taking any action. Malware used push notifications to instruct phones to upload content to servers linked to the NSO Group turning iPhones into surveillance tools without luring users to click on suspicious links or texts.

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