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IBM unveils generation next 2-nanometer chip making tech

IBM introduced its one-of-a-kind, 2-nanometer chip-making technology. This technology could be 45% faster than the existing 7-nanometer chips and 75% more power-efficient. The 2-nanometer chips, which IBM says is the first in the world, will be much smaller in size and faster than 5-nanometer chips, available in premium smartphones including Apple iPhone 12 models. The technology, however, will take years to hit the market.

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Apple to manufacture iPhone 12 in India; plans to hire 10K employees

Apple is reportedly planning to locally produce iPhone 12 series in India. The new ‘Made in India’ iPhone will be ready by mid-2021, according to a Business Standard Report. Wistron – Apple’s Taiwanese contract manufacturer – will produce the flagship iPhone 12 in Naraspura plant near Bengaluru and has planned to hire 10k employees for the new plant. The plant has an investment plan of over 2900 crore INR and will be fully functional by October this year.

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