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China carried out cyberattacks on Indian satellite communication in 2017

China carried out multiple cyberattacks between 2007-18, including a network attack against Indian satellite communication in 2017, a US-based China Aerospace Studies Institute (CASI) confirmed. ISRO chief K Sivan stated that it has not been compromised so far. CASI pointed that China has several counter-space techs to threaten rival space systems. Also, People’s Liberation Army has acquired, developed techs that China could use to “blind and deafen the enemy”.

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RPF busts Pak software-powered hackers compromising IRCTC Tatkal system

RPF sleuths from SWR zone have busted an illegal web of approx. 25K hackers who used Linux-based Pakistani software to stealthily book reserved tickets, bypassing the Indian Railways as well as banks OTP safeguards. They charged unaware customers up to 5X the price of a normal ticket. Shockingly, the investigation revealed that hackers also broke into ISRO, Railways and other govt organisations. The illegal money was used in terror-funding, money laundering etc.

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Internet everywhere: Bharti Group to launch high-speed satellite internet service by 2022

Bharti Group, with OneWeb satellite constellation and ISRO, expects to launch high-speed satellite internet services in India by 2022. OneWeb will be the world’s first low earth orbit (LEO) constellation covering every corner of the globe. ISRO will help in building affordable access terminals for deployment across the country. This move will bolster India’s presence in the space sector and also provide internet accessibility in the remotest corners of the country.

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ISRO offers 4-day remote sensing course, free online certification

ISRO is offering a free online course on remote sensing through its centre – Indian Institute of Remote sensing. The four day ‘Remote Sensing Applications in Agricultural Water Management’ course, sponsored by SC-T, ISRO, DoS, GOI, will cover topics like satellite remote sensing, advanced remote sensing etc. Private, govt orgs’ professionals, NGOs, students can apply for the course. Applications will be forwarded by respective institutes.

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