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Analysts expect IT firms to generate better this quarter

Indian IT services firms are expected to report better numbers in the quarter to September as global clients increase spending on cloud migration and other techs to maintain business continuity. The pandemic hampered profit and revenue growth in the previous quarter which may be reversed this time for firms including Infosys, TCS, Wipro etc. TCS will be the first to declare results on Oct 7 (1.9% hike expected), followed by Wipro on Oct 12 and Infosys on Oct 14.

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Why a career in IT is recession-proof

The COVID-19 pandemic has not only affected health but has also left thousands of people unemployed. However, IT remains obscure from this effect of the pandemic. With the sudden and massive switch to remote working, the demand for cloud computing, and WFH solutions climbs drastically and so does the demand for these professionals. Data analysts/scientists, cloud engineers, cybersecurity experts etc are and will be in high demand.

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