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Reliance Jio in advanced talks with OEMs to launch IoT services

Reliance Jio is in advanced talks with OEMs to launch its own IoT services. Teleco’s pan-India IoT network-based, launched in partnership with Samsung, is already operational. Jio, as per media reports, has developed a comprehensive solution with the device, diagnostics, connectivity, platform and support. Jio aims to connect a billion connected IoT devices to its platform, unlocking Rs 20,000 cr opportunity per year.

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Airtel, Jio, Vodafone Idea to push DoT to release new 5G spectrum bands

Bharti Airtel, Reliance Jio and Vodafone Idea to push the govt to revise a policy to include the new 5G airwave bands approved by the International Telecom Union for speedy auctioning of the 26 Ghz mm waves for 5G service in India. The govt is yet to clear the air on the timing of 5G spectrum sale, but it may happen later this year. Telcos and DoT want to ensure that both 26 Ghz mm, above and in 3.3-3.6 Ghz mm are auctioned in the 5G spectrum sale.

Jio launches made-in-India JioPages browser with focus on security, privacy

Reliance Jio launched a Chromium Blink based web browser JioPages. The browser supports features like encrypted connections and is now available on Google Play. JioPages supports eight Indian languages, has a smart download manager, incognito browsing and themes. One can set up the app language,and regional preferences from different states. Reliance Jio, while making the announcement, emphasised on Web security and data privacy.

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Google-Jio partnership to develop entry-level, affordable smartphones

Reliance, together with Google, will develop affordable, entry-level smartphones that will run on Google’s Android-based operating system. Thus, it will enable users to access Google Play store. They can download family apps such as Gmail, Google Maps, Hangouts etc. This initiative benefits both customers and the Indian economy. Reliance earlier launched JioPhone and JioPhone 2. This time, the firm will work to offer a more powerful smartphone experience.

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Jio Platforms gets Qualcomm on board to boost 5G plans

Qualcomm’s investment arm will buy a 0.15% stake in Reliance Industries’s Jio Platforms for 730 cr rupees. The partnership, Reliance in a statement said, will help Jio Platforms to “roll out advanced 5G infrastructure and services for Indian customers.” The investment has come at a time when the Indian government is set to auction the 5G spectrum for commercial usage. RIL, after the latest investment, has sold a 25.2% stake in Jio Platforms raising Rs 1,18,318.45 cr.

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Jio launches Video Conferencing services with enterprise host controls

Reliance Jio  Platforms enters into to video conferencing services by launching JioMeet, having uncanny resemblance with Zoom. JioMeet, having no paid plans, offers unlimited call in HD (720p) and can supports 100 participants with no time limit. The VC service offers “enterprise-grade” host controls — password protection, multi-device login support, ability to share screen and collaborate. It also offers the ability to switch from one device to another. 

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Security lapse at Jio exposed COVID-19 symptom checker results

Security lapse in Reliance Jio’s COVID-19 self-test symptom checker exposed one of the symptom checker’s core databases to the internet even without a password, TechCrunch claimed. Jio had started self-test symptom checker in late March just before nationwide lockdown. It allowed anyone to check symptoms from their phone or Jio’s website to see in case of infection. Jio, once notified by the publisher quickly pulled the system, having millions of logs, offline.

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Reliance to launch a video conferencing-cum-collaborative app

Reliance Jio is “just a few days away” from launching a video conferencing-cum-collaborative app called Jio Meet. Besides offering video calls it would come with Jio’s eHealth and eEducation platforms to allow users to consult doctors, get prescriptions, order medicines. The new app will have a virtual classroom for students and teachers, record sessions and notes, assign and submit homework and offer multimedia content for students to self-learn.

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