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Salesforce is cutting staff despite hitting $5B quarterly revenue for the first time

Salesforce, in the name of “strategically shifting”, has confirmed that it is going to layoff around 1000 people. Surprisingly, this news comes at a time when the firm passed $5B in quarterly revenue for the first time. Earlier this year, Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff pledged to not make any job cuts for 90 days. The period has passed and hence, the company, despite a monster quarter, is laying off a significant percentage (1.9%) of its 54000 strong workforce.

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Accenture to cut 25K jobs; Indians to be worst-hit

Accenture, as per Australian Financial Review report, is going to cut at least 5% of its “low-performing” workforce, owing to the sluggish business company is witnessing during the pandemic. India, which has the largest Accenture employee base of nearly 2L employees, could see thousands of workers being affected. CEO Julie Sweet said that every year the company replaces 5% of its low-performing workforce. This year, however, they may leave the roles vacant.

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