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Lazarus group hacks into S Korean supply chains, N Korea under suspicion

Infamous Lazarus group is been behind a new campaign against South Korean supply chains, made possible through stolen security certificates. Cybersecurity researchers from ESET revealed that the group abuse the certificates, stolen from two separate legitimate South Korean companies. Also known as Hidden Cobra, the group is suspected of being tied to North Korea. Lazarus is connected to the infamous 2014’s cyberattack on Sony Pictures Entertainment.

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Hackers backed by Russia, N Korea targeted COVID-19 vaccine makers: Microsoft

Microsoft has claimed that hackers backed by Russia and North Korea have targeted seven pharmaceutical companies in the USA, Canada, France, India and South Korea involved in the COVID-19 vaccine development efforts. Microsoft said that while it has blocked the “majority” of the attacks, some were successful.  The tech giant identified Russian group Strontium or APT28 or Fancy Bear, North Korea’s Zinc and Lazarus Group behind these attacks.

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Cyfirma says India has faced higher cybersecurity threats from China, Pak, N Korea

Cybersecurity firm CYFIRMA has said that due to low cyber maturity in India nations like North Korea, Pak and China  have been trying to ‘breach country’s security parameters.’ These nations have stepped up attacks against Indian media firms, telecom companies, govt websites, pharma companies, smartphone makers among others. North Kore’s ‘Lazarus’ Group increased its activities in 2020, The report named the year 2020 as ‘year of the ransomware’.

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North Korean hackers targeting cryptocurrency firms via LinkedIn

The infamous North Korean Lazarus group is targeting cryptocurrency firms by sending phishing emails via LinkedIn. A system administrator from the target organization received a phishing doc on LinkedIn that offered a job in blockchain technology, as per F-Secure. Lazarus Group has been behind several attacks with COVID-19 phishing campaign being the latest one. It stole nearly $600M worth of cryptocurrency between 2017 and 2018.

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North Korea backed hackers planning massive attack in India

Lazarus group, North Korea- backed hackers, is targeting around 2 mn individual emails of users in India, revealed cyber intelligence firm Cyfirma. The attackers will send COVID-19 theme emails presenting it as one sent by authorities for free testing. The mails will encourage users to click a malicious link to steal personal and financial data. Lazarus group is planning to hit around over 5 mn people and organisations in six countries including India in June.

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