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Wipro hires new senior regional leaders

Wipro has strengthened its team by appointing several senior regional leaders. It has hired Pierre Bruno as the CEO of Europe, Stephanie Trautman as the chief growth officer, Graziella Neuveglise to lead Southern Europe and Rene Mulder has taken charge as MD for Wipro Switzerland. Chief growth office is a new position that will allow the company to attain its accelerated growth ambition. In an email, Wipro told the employees that this team will help win large deals.

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Cognizant appoints Rob Walker as MD for UK, Ireland ops

Cognizant has appointed former EY executive Rob Walker as the MD of its UK and Ireland operations. He will be based in London and lead Cognizant’s operations in the UK and Ireland, including strategic planning, commercial development, and client delivery. Walker has 24 years of experience advising clients, including FTSE 100 and Fortune 500 firms, across a wide range of sectors and industries. His most recent stint was with UK&I Consulting Markets Lead for EY.

Cognizant appoints Shinji Murakami to be Head of Japan Market

Shinji Murakami, former Microsoft executive had been appointed as Head of Japan and a member of Cognizant’s Global Growth Markets leadership. He felt honoured to be a part of Cognizant, a company that serves the insurance, life sciences, telecommunications, technology, manufacturing etc. firms. Ursula Morgenstern, President of GGM, was pleased to welcome Shinji and showed immense confidence in his business, technology and consulting experience.

5 Traits of a successful digital leader: Gartner

1. Digital leaders are neophile.2. They do innovate but only in areas where there is no innovation. They know the difference between when to innovate and when to improve the existing innovation.
3. Understand that innovation requires creativity, challenging ability, collaboration, construction and commercialisation of a new idea. 4. Build teams with high adversity quotient (AQ). 5. Know that digital is a means, not an end; never consider digital to be the outcome.

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How AI, people analytics can help developing leaders of tomorrow

AI, people analytics-based tools can analyse employees’ performance and predict if they have leadership qualities. At a time when managers are working remotely, these AI-driven tools can better pick talent from a large set of employees. These tools can also identify the skill gap. Thus, helping firms provide customised training to their workforce. Employee productivity assessment can create more engagement among leaders, workers, further increasing performance.

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5 tips for corporate leaders to survive the pandemic by CP Gurnani, MD and CEO, Tech Mahindra

1. Leaders need to be focussed, resilient, frugal and open to updating strategies and taking risks.
2. Consider this pandemic as an opportunity to develop new standards, protocols and methods.
3. Building employee trust and preserving institutional values in the technological era is essential.
4. Pandemic puts forward opportunities for Indian enterprises to take up notable space in reviving economy. 5. Accept the new normal and define it with skills.

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