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LG to invest $100mn for advanced AI tech development

LG, in the next three years, will spend $100 mn for building high-performance computing infrastructure for hyper-mega AI development. It will set up a state of art computing infrastructure that can do 95.7 quadrillion calculations per second. LG plans to develop an AI system with 600bn ML parameters. It will be able to learn languages, understand images and videos. LG plans to apply AI to cancer treatment and in the manufacturing of eco-friendly plastic.

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LG, Qu & Co to develop quantum computing tech

LG and quantum algorithm developer Qu & Co have joined hands to conduct research to develop quantum computing tech for multiphysics simulations over the next three years. Multiphysics involve simultaneously occurring multiple physical phenomena and is used to analyze, verify such systems. LG said it expects quantum computing tech to be implemented in big data, IoT, robotics, and to improve competitiveness in future tech businesses.

LG to shut smartphone division by July; first major brand to withdraw from market

LG said that it will wind down its mobile division by July 31. The Korean smartphone brand, which was once in 2013 became the world’s third-largest manufacturer behind Samsung and Apple, will become the first global brand to withdraw from the market. It still has a 10% share in North America to become the No. 3 brand. The division has registered straight-six years of losses of around $4.5 bn and accounted for 7% of the LG group’s revenue.

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LG may shut down its smartphone business: Local Media

LG may shut down its mobile business, according to a local newspaper report. The Korea based firm tried to sell the unit, but negotiations with Germany’s Volkswagen and Vietnam’s Vingroup JSC failed said the report. “ is about time for LG to make a cold judgment and the best choice…The company is considering all possible measures, including sale, withdrawal and downsizing of the smartphone business,” the LG CEO said in an internal memo.

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LG acquires more than 50% stake in Alphonso for $80 mn

LG Electronics had acquired more than 50% stake in US-based TV data analysis startup Alphonso for $80 mn. It aims to boost its software and service capabilities in the TV business to offer enhanced and customised services particularly to its North American customers by utilising Alphonso’s data, TV ad analytics and AI capabilities. Alphonso had shipped 90% smart TVs through which users could enjoy video content with an internet connection.

Huawei delays launch of its flagship phone series amid US sanctions

Huawei has delayed the launch of its next-gen flagship phone series, Huawei Mate 40 to next year. The delay is because of the US sanctions, that’ll also make large scale selling outside China difficult for Huawei. It won’t receive chips from TSMC; OLED displays from Samsung, LG. However, claims it has stocked 10M chip units to ensure uninterrupted supply. While hardware supply is a problem, it has solved the software issue by launching in-house HarmonyOS.

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