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Microsoft announces availability of Azure Hybrid Benefit for Linux in India

Microsoft announced the general availability of Azure Hybrid Benefit solution for Linux customers in India. IT helps enterprises “seamlessly” migrate to on-premises Windows Server and SQL Server licenses, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, and SUSE Linux Enterprise Server virtual machines to Microsoft Azure. Azure Hybrid Benefit solution enables cost reduction by converting existing pay-as-you-go virtual machines to bring-your-own-subscription billing.

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Linux-based systems cannot be hacked is a myth

Over a dozen APT actors, including Barium, Sofacy etc, have been using Linux malware or some Linux-based modules to target Linux-based systems and servers for the past eight years, reported Kaspersky. The myth that Linux, being a less popular OS, is unlikely to be targeted by malware, invites additional cybersecurity risks. Further, govt organisations and firms also use Linux-based systems, that pushes threat actors to develop custom malwares for it.

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NSA, FBI expose Russian hacking tool ‘Drovorub’

The US NSA and FBI said that they have exposed an intelligent Russian hacking tool named ‘Drovorub’. Russia’s Main Intelligence Directorate, according to a rare public report given by NSA and FBI, was using this tool to break into Linux-based computers to steal files, remotely control victim’s computer etc.  They attributed Drovorub to a specific Russian intelligence team – GTsSS – that broke into Democratic National Committee in 2016.  

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Zoom Looking to Hire Engineers for Bangalore Office: Here Are the Details

Zoom is planning to hire engineers in various tech domains. The company’s website listed the following job opportunities: 1. XMPP DevOps Engineer vacancy – 3+ years’ experience in DevOps/Site Reliability Engineering role etc. 2. 3 Web DevOps Engineer vacancies – 3+ years’ experience, in-depth knowledge of Linux: RedHat, CentOS, Debian etc.  3. 2 Network Engineer vacancies – internet routing protocols knowledge, BGP, OSPF, ECMP, MPLS etc 4. System administrator.

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