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Indian IT service providers turning to low-code tech for clients

Indian IT services providers are witnessing an increase in the need for low-code, no-code tech solutions for clients who want to build and customise their own appl. Industry experts believe that pandemic heightened the customer’s interest in the same. TCS COO N Ganapathy Subramaniam said that such tech has been useful when rapid prototyping was required. Microsoft, Amazon, Appian, HCL and Tech M are looking into developing such tech.

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How low-code nurtures Citizen Development

1. Low-code enables frontline workers, with little technical skill, create their own business solutions. 2. Contributing to agility in development cycles, low-code, with ready infra prototype that reduces traditional coding errors, enables fast and right product development. 3. It reduces dependence on IT teams and opens a floor for more creative execution. 4. IT teams can select, vet the low-code platforms for citizen developers, reducing shadow IT.

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