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Qualcomm to commercially launch first IoT modem in H2 of 2021

Qualcomm has launched its first IoT modem aimed at Industrial IoT apps. The commercial launch of the Qualcomm 315 5G IoT device is expected in the second half of 2021. The modem supports worldwide 5G NR sub-6Ghz bands and operates in standalone mode only. If required, the device can be switched to LTE and can be deployed over 5G private or public networks. The device comes with the capability of integration with existing ethernet and wired technology.

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GSA says 400 telcos launch LTE, 5G services on low band 

515 telcos across 173 countries hold licenses to launch LTE or 5G on a spectrum lower than 1GHz. 400 of those have launched LTE as confirmed GSA. 37 countries have released dates for their plans of allowing low band spectrums to 5G services in 2021-22. GSA predicts an increase in bids for low-band spectrums in coming years. Out of the 316 announced LTE supporting devices, 219 are commercially available. 

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