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Google may get a crowd-sourced network like Apple’s Find My network

Apple’s Find My network is one of its most efficient services. This service is used by Apple to find lost devices including Macbooks, iPhones, iPods, etc. Similar tech is also used by Samsung. The APK teardown has revealed a hidden code found in the latest version of the Google Play Services 21.24.13 in the beta channel. This can be taken as a clear indication of the fact that Google is working on a Find My-type of network for its devices.

Russian hackers hit Apple in $50 mn ransomware cyber attack

Russia-based REvil group of hackers have hit iPhone maker Apple in a $50 mn ransomware attack via Taiwan-based Quanta Computer that manufactures MacBooks and other devices. The cybercriminals are demanding $50 mn from Apple after Quanta refused to pay and threatened the smartphone maker to publish confidential information on the Dark Web. The attack coincides with Apple’s “Spring Loaded” event.

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Apple launches MacBook laptops powered by its own M1 computing chips

Apple, as expected, introduced a MacBook Air notebook with its first central processor designed in-house called the M1. The move will help developers to create a family of apps that will work on both the type of devices, bringing the Apple iPhones and MacBook notebooks closer technologically. M1 marks a shift away from Intel that has driven the core of Mac devices for nearly 15 yrs. The new MacBook Air have up to twice the battery life of predecessor, Apple said.

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