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Insights into Manappuram’s current and upcoming technology plans

Manappuram has tapped Oracle’s second-gen cloud infra as it enhances security, boosts performance and has guaranteed cloud economics. This will help its IT teams to focus on innovation rather than management; increase performance by 3X and saving costs by 40% in the next 4-5 years. Automation, using bots, has also increased operational efficiencies. The firm is planning to accelerate the adoption of IoT, robotics and advanced automation in the next 6 months.

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How Manappuram Finance is using tech for business

Manappuram Finance uses customer analysis tools to identify low-risk customers. Technology enhances their customer expansion, retention, engagement. Automated bots keep operating costs in check. Early adoption of cloud (Oracle), robotics, IoT prepared them for remote working; continuous productivity was also ensured. Cutting-edge tech covers most of the investments. Future plans involve digital gold purity identification tool-development.

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