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Google AI research manager Samy Bengio quits after two ousted female colleagues

Samy Bengio, head of the internet giant’s AI ethics group until the controversy broke which led to the departure of two female leaders, resigned on Tuesday. Bengio announced his exit in an email to the colleagues. His last working day will be April 28. Bengio joined Google in 2007 and is an expert in a type of AI known as machine learning. It may be recalled that Timnit Gebru and Margaret Mitchell, the ousted Ethical AI co-leads, had reported to Bengio.

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Google fires another AI ethics leader

Google fired staff scientist Margaret Mitchell as she moved electronic files outside the company which is against the code of conduct and security policies. Google has been receiving backlash after firing Gebru when she questioned an order to not publish a study leading to protests. Mitchell being a co-author of the paper, publicly criticized the company for undermining the credibility of Gebru’s work.