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MediaTek announces new AI-based 4K smart TV chip

MediaTek released its new 4K smart TV chip ‘MT9638’ having an integrated AI processing unit. The chip is said to support all the latest AI tech i.e super-resolution, picture quality and voice assistants. Its high performance enables real-time content and scene recognition, an adjustment in colour saturation, brightness, sharpness, and smart noise reduction. The MT9638 has increased competition among global TV makers and forced them to design competitive 4K smart TVs.

MediaTek’s new 5G chip aims at USA market

MediaTek launched a new 5G chip with the aim to gain market share in the United States. The new chip called the M80 will also support what is called millimetre-wave tech. The technology is used by USA telecom carriers such as Verizon Communications, which uses the name “5G Ultra-Wideband” for the service. Qualcomm is currently the dominant supplier of chips in the millimetre wave tech, with its chips used in Apple’s iPhone 12.

MediaTek launches Dimensity 1200, 1100 SoCs for flagship 5G phones

MediaTek has launched the Dimensity 1200 and 1100 5G processors. The chipsets use the 6nm process and support 5G carrier aggregation (2CC) across FDD, TDD, DSS, True Dual SIM 5G, VoNR and Bluetooth 5.2. Dimensity 1200 has 200MP camera, 4K HDR video capture and WiFi 6 connectivity. It gives up to 16GB of RAM with peak download and upload speed of 4.7Gbps and 2.5Gbps, resp. These are expected to hit the market at the end of Q1 and beginning of Q2 this year.

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MediaTek becomes top smartphone chipset vendor, Qualcomm slips to second

MediaTek surpassed Qualcomm to become the number one smartphone chipset vendor in Q3 2020 for the first time, said Counterpoint Research. The report said that over 100 mn smartphones sold across the globe during the period had MediaTek chipsets. This takes MediaTek’s market share in smartphone chipsets to 31% up from 26% YoY. On the other hand, Qualcomm’s market share fell to 29% from 31%, a year ago.

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Latest Dimensity 820 Chip offers 5G experiences: MediaTek

MediaTek announced Dimensity 820 (SoC), designed for global sub-6GHz 5G networks that deliver excellent 5G experiences on smartphones. With MediaTek’s latest multimedia, AI, and imaging innovations, Dimensity 820 allows capturing high-quality images, game enhancement, power optimisation, real-time frame capturing followed by fusing them into a single video stream and much more.

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MediaTek unveils new flagship 5G-integrated chipset

MediaTek has unveiled an improved version of its flagship 5G chipset Density 1000, having upgraded features for gaming, video and power efficiency. Built on the core hardware of the older version, Density 1000 can support up to 144Hz refresh rate screens but only with 1080p resolution and up to a 21:9 aspect ratio. It uses the MiraVision tech to improve per frame picture quality. 5G UltraSave, a built-in power saving mechanism, helps to maximize battery life.

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