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Work taking toll on personal life is a yes for 59% men says survey

A new survey by SCIKEY Market Network showed that 59% of the men feel that work-related stress is affecting their personal lives. Around 56% of women agreed to the same. 2,500 people were surveyed where only 23% of men could rely on their supervisor, 20% said their workplace is unsupportive, 22% affected due to job loss, 60% are concerned about the future. 35% of men felt there is no distinction between work and personal life.

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Twitter’s AI-Image cropping remove black people, men from photos

Twitter’s image cropping AI is partial towards black people and men, as it tends to crop them out. A microblogging site’s study revealed an 8% difference from statistical quality in favor of women and 4% in favor of white people. To resolve the issue, Twitter shows standard aspect ratio images without crop. AI biases are not uncommon, Amazon scrapped its AI recruiting tool that favored men. A study by Microsoft- MIT showed AI misidentified people of color more.