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Microsoft elevates Satya Nadella as Chairman

Microsoft made Chief executive Satya Nadella the chairman of its board, strengthening his grip on the tech giant. Nadella after taking over as a CEO in the year 2014 has been credited for bringing new energy to the company. In his early days, Nadella laid off 14% of the workforce for restructuring and directed Microsoft’s focus towards cloud computing. Ever since Microsoft thrived on software – Windows and Office.

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Microsoft survey says more than 50% of India’s digital workforce feels overworked

Microsoft, in a report, said almost 75% of Indian workers are looking forward to having remote work options, while 57% feel they are overworked. 73% want more face-to-face time with their team and for this 73% of businesses are considering redesigning their workspaces. 62% feel their companies ask too much from them while 13% are of the opinion their employer does not care about their work-life balance. 32% feel exhausted. 62% of the office meetings are unscheduled.

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Microsoft, ballot makers join hands to allow voters to track vote

Microsoft’s vote tracking system will now be integrated into Hart InterCivic Inc voting machines making them the first company to do so. This program will help people confirm if their vote was cast or not and will add an extra layer of security. Customers across 500 jurisdictions and 17 states will have the final say, whether to adopt the program or not. The voting process remains the same, in the end, voters will get a paper with a QR code that can be used to track their ballot.

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For the first time, Microsoft launches a cybersecurity council for APAC countries

Microsoft has launched the first Public Sector Cyber Security Executive Council for the APAC countries as these nations continue to witness a higher-than-average cybersecurity attack including malware and ransomware. The council will virtually meet every three months to exchange cybersecurity-related information. The forum also aims to share best cybersecurity practices, learn from Microsoft security certification training, and share threat intelligence.

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Microsoft says 150 firms attacked by Russian hackers Nobelium

Russian group ‘Nobelium’, which was behind the SolarWinds attack and recently Microsoft has issued warning against them, have now targeted 150 firms including govt organizations and NGOs. The victims are from 24 countries and 25% were involved in international development, humanitarian, and human rights work. Nobelium used constant contact, as they distributed fake emails as authentic ones containing a link which when clicked inserts a virus into the device.

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Microsoft warns govt agencies, NGOs of group that attacked SolarWinds

Microsoft, which late last year identified the group behind SolarWinds cyberattack, has issued a warning saying it is now targeting govt agencies, think tanks, consultants, and NGOs. Russian originated Nobelium is the actor behind SolarWinds attack in 2020 launched an attack this week into the USAID. A new wave of attacks targeted 3,000 email IDs across 150+ organisations. The US and Britain have blamed Russian intelligence agency SVR in an attempt to gather intel.

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Amazon, Microsoft, Google in race to secure a $1bn cloud deal with Boeing

Three global giants, Google, and Microsoft corp are in a race to secure a $1bn deal to provide cloud computing services to planemaker The Boeing co. As per the news agency Reuters report, the deal is supposed to be a multi-year contract. The discussions are in a very nascent stage and nothing has been finalized yet. The three tech giants, when contacted, did not reply to the media queries.

Microsoft hints at new Windows launching ‘very soon’

Day 1 of the Build Developer conference saw Microsoft CEO drop hints on the launch of a new version of Windows OS to come out very soon. However, no important details were revealed. Microsoft has been up and running on a new app store for Windows along with some major UI changes to the OS. Windows 10X will not be shipped anymore, it will be integrated into the main Windows 10. Some key changes to the UI and bug fixes are set to come later this year.

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Commvault launches cloud-based intelligent data services platform

Commvault’s has expanded its Metalic software as a SaaS portfolio combined with an Intelligent Data Services Platform. Commvault is introducing Metallic backup for all three Microsoft clouds -Dynamics 365, Office 365, and Azure. Metallic is being integrated with Commvault HyperScale X to offer what they call “Power of AND” to its customers. The new platform will have services like Data Management, protection, compliance, transformation, and Insights.

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