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Why cybercriminals are targeting food retail joints Mithaas, Haldiram

Market Share and Consumer Data highlighting transaction, food habits and person identifiable information available with these food retailers has enormous potential for sale in the dark web. Big Data techniques applied to data sets captured could reveal strategic trends, buying patterns, demand lifecycle of consumers with geolocation and also their market strategy. This data is gold for any brands or funds looking to make inroads into the Indian Food retail market.

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Ransomware attack on restaurant chain Mithaas, second incident in few weeks

Restaurant chain Mithaas, having branches in Noida, Ghaziabad, Meerut, was hit by ransomware earlier this week. Police have registered a case and an investigation is launched into the cybercrime. Mithaas representative, in its complaint, said that the cybercriminals implant ransomware on their company network of Oct 22. A few weeks ago, Haldiram’s, another resultant chain, servers were also attacked with ransomware.

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