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Android app developers exposed sensitive information of 100mn users

100 mn users’ personal data has been exposed due to a misconfiguration of a third-party cloud service by android mobile app developers. Chats, emails, pictures, passwords, and locations are included in the data exposed. 23 android apps were analyzed by CheckPoint Research where developers have left a bug by not adhering to best practices while configuring and integrating third-party cloud into their apps. Logo maker, Astro guru, T’Leva are some of these apps.

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PhonePe buys Indian android store Indus App Bazaar

PhonePe has acquired Indian android store Indus App Bazaar for Rs.438 cr. An official statement by both companies is yet to be released. Indus App Bazaar serves over 100 mn users and is available in 13 Indian languages with 40,000 apps being a part of the android store. App Bazaar aims to make apps easily accessible to everyone with an enhanced app store ecosystem. To date, Indus OS has earned nearly $20 mn.

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Western Railway introduces e-patrolling, beat management app for RPF personnel

Western Railway has launched an e-patrolling and beat management app for RPF personnel and security monitoring in Mumbai division. The app ensures effective supervision by real-time monitoring of staff and group communication service. Personnel log in by scanning the QR code at the duty spot. The app will soon be extended to all WR divisions. 2,600 CCTV cameras with AI, ML, and video analytics capabilities are being also set up on stations.

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Google’s new app to pay users to complete random tasks

Google has launched a new app called Task Mate in India to provide small random tasks to users. The app will also pay user in the local currency, on completion of the assigned task. A new user will only be able to join Task Mate through referral codes. The app is made with the aim to provides access to a variety of simple tasks – Sitting tasks or Field tasks — posted by business i.e take a photo, answer survey questions, translate sentences from English to local language.

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