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Mobile cyberattacks in India surged 845% in six months: Check Point

Mobile cyberattacks in India jumped 845% to 12,719 in March 2021 from 1,345 cases in Oct 2020, said Check Point Software Technologies in a report. The report revealed that ISPs in India, during the first phase of lockdown, had received cyberattack alerts from corporate clients almost every alternate day compared with an average of once a week before the lockdowns. The report said that 97% of firms across the globe faced mobile threats from several attack vectors.

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45% of Indian mobile users introduced to gaming during the pandemic: Report

An Inmobi report said that 45% of India’s smartphone users took to gaming during the lockdown, while regular gamers spent 40% more time. The average time spent on gaming apps also rose with users started to play at 7.30 am in the morning and a 6.6x rise in the gameplay at 1.30 am. The report is based on analysis of app usage and 1.7 tril ad requests between Jan 2020 and Jan 2021 on the InMobi Platform, and a survey of 1000 smartphone users using InMobi Pulse.

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Going mobile helped Exide Life Insurance reduce paper by 95%

Exide Life Insurance had to deal with 2 problems –high error rates in paper-based forms and a higher lag time. It took significant time for a customer to sign the proposal, for the agent to collect it and bring it to the office and depositing it. Using mobile made the processes easier as it was accessible 24X7. Also, verifying data from customers (email and phone) was much easier and faster. On top of all this, it helped them reduce paper consumption by 95%.

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Samsung expects COVID-19 will increase demand for memory

Samsung Electronics expects the hashtag COVID-19 will continue to have a negative impact on sales of smartphones and TVs. On a brighter side, it predicts that the pandemic will drive the demand of memory business as remote work, online education, online shopping and streaming entertainment services will increase demand for cloud services and data centres. The company will strengthen up its transition to 1Z-nm DRAM and 6th-generation V-NAND flash memory and focus on online stores.

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