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Intel to invest $600 mn to expand chip, develop self-driving car tech in Israel

Intel will invest another $600 mn in Israel to expand R&D and spent $10 bn on a new chip facility. The announcement was made the CEO Pat Gelsinger who elaborated that $400 mn will be invested to turn Mobileye unit headquartered in Jerusalem into an R&D campus for the development of autonomous vehicle driving tech. Balance $200 mn will go into building an R&D center, called IDC12, in the port city of Haifa. Intel’s “mega chip design” facility will create 6,000 jobs.

Intel’s self-driving car to use of its own radar tech by 2025

Chief Executive of Intel Corp’s self-driving car subsidiary Amnon Shashua said that Mobileye’s robotaxis will use multiple Luminar units to gain 360-degree lidar, radar and camera coverage all around the car. The robotaxis rolling out in eight cities in 2022 will each have four Luminar units. But Mobileye is also developing its own lidar sensor that it plans to start using in 2025 for cars, in a bid to lower the cost of autonomous driving.