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Netflix hires former Facebook executive Mike Verdu as gaming VP

Netflix is looking to expand its business beyond traditional domains of films, shows and has hired former Facebook executive Mike Verdu as Gaming VP for the same. Verdu is a veteran with over three decades of experience in the gaming industry. Netflix has already tried creating interactive programming with movies and has also created games based on shows. Recently Netflix launched an online store to sell merchandise related to its TV shows.

Amazon’s second-largest buy is MGM for $8.45bn

After Wholefoods, the deal to acquire MGM for $8.45bn is Amazon’s most expensive buy to date. The deal will help Amazon’s Prime video to add a collection of 4000 films and 17,000+ TV shows. MGM will help Amazon compete with its rivals Netflix, Disney+ as it will give them popular content that lasts longer. MGM compliments the work of Amazon studios as the main focus is on producing TV show programming rather than original feature films.

Netflix upgrades backend technology to serve more users

Netflix is planning to upgrade to a new system, Cosmos, a microservices-based system with asynchronous workflows and serverless functions and will allow the company to cater to more subscribers. This system will also support high throughput services. Frank San Miguel, Netflix engineer, said that the old seven-year-old system needed to be replaced because its design was slowing down the ability to deliver new features and accommodate the new users.

Microsoft partners Netflix on coding, data science, AI learning

Microsoft, inspired by Netflix’s original titled ‘Over the Moon’, has launched three new modules for beginners in data science, machine learning and artificial intelligence. The film is about a girl named Fei Fei, who builds a space rocket to reach the moon. The three modules: planning a Moon mission using the Python Pandas Library, predicting meteor showers using Python and VC Code and using AI to recognise objects in images using Azure Custom Vision.

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