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Microsoft warns govt agencies, NGOs of group that attacked SolarWinds

Microsoft, which late last year identified the group behind SolarWinds cyberattack, has issued a warning saying it is now targeting govt agencies, think tanks, consultants, and NGOs. Russian originated Nobelium is the actor behind SolarWinds attack in 2020 launched an attack this week into the USAID. A new wave of attacks targeted 3,000 email IDs across 150+ organisations. The US and Britain have blamed Russian intelligence agency SVR in an attempt to gather intel.

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Rs.33 cr raised by Google through internal donations for NGOs in India

Google has raised over Rs.33 cr to aid NGOs working relentlessly in India during the deadly second wave of COVID-19. Apart from providing funds to NGOs like GOONJ, GiveIndia they are also showing over 2,500 testing centers and 23,000+ vaccination centers on maps. On YouTube, a piece of authoritative information set in the form of a playlist has been created. Last month it announced Rs 135 cr for urgent medical supplies i.e oxygen, equipment, etc.

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