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Oracle records less revenue than expected, with Cloud competition rising

Oracle Corp has fallen short of the expected Wall Street first-quarter revenue, with the cause being increased competition in the cloud sector. The company forecast adjusted expected earnings for next quarter between $1.09 – $1.13, above analyst predictions of $1.08 per share. While Oracle, is expected to benefit from the new cloud trends, the increased competition from AWS, Microsoft Azure etc. will make it tougher to achieve a monopoly.

Source: Latestly

IT Ministry empanels Oracle as cloud infrastructure solutions provider

India’s IT ministry, after an Audit process, has selected Oracle Corp as an empanelled cloud infrastructure solutions provider. Contributing over 30% of Oracle’s revenue, the Public sector of the country can now move their more challenging workloads to Oracle Cloud infrastructure. With the certifications they have, Oracle Cloud is in the right position to work with government entities, said Debapriya Nandan, senior director and the head-public sector at Oracle India.

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$100bn club’s 9th addition is former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer

Former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer becomes the ninth person to have a fortune over $100bn. Larry Ellison, the founder of Oracle barely failed to make the list at number 10 with a net worth of $98.6 bn. Ballmer is the owner of the LA Clippers and had a growth of $ 20.1bn while Ellison had $18.9 bn. According to leaks by news outlet ProPublica, Bezos, Musk, and other top billionaires had paid little or no income tax in some years.

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Deutsche Bank approaches Oracle to simplify IT and cut costs

Software firm Oracle has been approached by Deutsche Bank to help simplify their IT systems and cut their costs by several million euros. Oracle is planning to shift DB’s payments, trading, and risk management to one system which will take 3-5 years. The implementation should help reduce their annual costs to 16.7 bn by 2022 from 19.5 bn in 2020. Oracle will be creating its largest cloud to date for Deutsche Bank for enhanced data security.

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Oracle launches cloud computing services on ARM’s Ampere chips

The tech giant Oracle announced the launch of new cloud computing services powered by Ampere computing chips which are based on Arm technology. After Amazon, Oracle is the first company to offer cloud services based on Arm tech. Oracle said it will rent the chips at 1 cent per computing core per hour, which is 50% lower than the competition. Oracle also offered assistance to help expand business software that runs on Arm chips.

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Israel signs AWS, Google to provide cloud services for project Nimbus

Israel has signed AWS and Google to provide cloud computing services for the country’s public sector and armed forces. The tech giants won the tenders for the four-phased project worth over a $1 bn named “Nimbus” by beating Microsoft, Oracle, and IBM. The migration to the cloud will begin in two months. The system will not be centralized, and not all the data will not be on the cloud. Google and Amazon, under the deal, will make purchases in Israel to 20% of the value of the contract.

Oracle reveals first 3D ad-measurement in games tech

Oracle announced the release of the first-ever 3D ad-measurement in-game tech. This will enable companies to get a better understanding of the impact of ads on video games. The latest Oracle update includes GIVT measurement for PC, mobile, and web-based gaming environments in ‘Oracle Moat Measurement’. Oracle Moat will enable advertisers to better analyze ad impressions and GIVT and manage their investments.

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Arm reveals details on data center chips, clients 

Arm, which is being acquired by Nvidia for a $40 bn deal, while giving details about new chips said that its “N2” Neoverse computing cores will be 40% faster than the previous generation while its “V1” cores – designed for artificial intelligence tasks – will be 50% faster than traditional methods of doing the same tasks. The UK-based chipmaker said that Oracle and China-based Alibaba Group will use its new next-generation technology for the data centers.

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SBI Card implements Oracle HCM System to improve productivity

SBI Card has implemented Oracle HCM HR System and integrated it with Oracle HCM Cloud with other Cloud Apps of Payroll, rewards & recognition, and expense management. The company now onboards new employees on the Cloud HCP platform with ease and success. “Now Employee Onboarding, performance management and training are done on Cloud HCM solution,” Rama Mohan Rao Amara, MD & CEO, SBI Card, said in an interview with ETCIO.

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