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Microsoft is planning a complete overhaul of its Windows operating system in 2021

Microsoft is planning an overhaul of its OS in 2021. Microsoft has advertised for a software engineering role, calling “Windows is BACK.” “On this team, you’ll work to ensure that Windows is considered the best user OS experience for customers,” the posting read. ¬†Microsoft is also working on improving UI consistency in the past including Project Latte to let developers publish Android apps on Windows 10 with little to zero changes in the codes.

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Linux-based systems cannot be hacked is a myth

Over a dozen APT actors, including Barium, Sofacy etc, have been using Linux malware or some Linux-based modules to target Linux-based systems and servers for the past eight years, reported Kaspersky. The myth that Linux, being a less popular OS, is unlikely to be targeted by malware, invites additional cybersecurity risks. Further, govt organisations and firms also use Linux-based systems, that pushes threat actors to develop custom malwares for it.

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