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HDFC shifting to a new digital platform

HDFC said it plans to shift to a new digital platform instead of just scaling up the current systems. It is also moving its operations to the cloud and has added 50 new people as a part of its digital factory initiative. The bank denied any comments on official investments made in tech. The outages reported were non-repetitive and were not due to large volumes, the bank said. The focus will now be on upgrading It systems over the expansion of the bank.

Websites of various major U.S airlines faces outage 

American Airlines, Southwest Airlines, United Airlines, and Delta Air Lines websites faced an outage on Thursday, reported by downdetector. Almost 1000 users reported problems with Southwest airlines, 400 reported with Delta airlines, 300 reports for the other two companies. Nearly 300 flights on Wednesday were canceled by SouthWest airlines and delayed over 500 a day due to a technical issue. The reason for the outage was not known.

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Australian airlines, lenders, central bank affected by internet outages

Internet outages affected the Australian central bank, the postal service, commercial lenders, and many other companies. Operations to buy long-dated government bonds were canceled by the Reserve Bank of Australia due to internet issues. Many of the affected websites were back online by late afternoon. The CBA saw a widespread impact on its businesses due to the outages. The issue was with the host and the internet service provider.

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Now Google Docs is down

Google Docs is facing outage across the globe which started at around 7 PM IST. Users started posting on Twitter that they were unable to create new Docs via the web or the mobile app. Though they were able to sign in to the web interface at As per Downdetector, the partial outage has affected docs users across the globe, with a small spike was reported between 8 to 9 pm IST.

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Instagram, Facebook suffers a brief outage

Facebook and Instagram suffered a temporary outage on Thursday across the globe. During the outage, users were not able to send or receive messages for a brief period. Many users saw a message “Sorry, something went wrong” and on the app under news and groups, a message said the pages weren’t available and that it “maybe because of technical error that we’re trying to get fixed.” Both platforms were back online after a little while.

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Vodafone customers in Australia faces nationwide network outage

Vodafone customers in Australia experienced nationwide outages on Friday. The issue was highlighted when subscribers flooded social media platforms with complaints. Vodafone, in several tweets, said, ” We are aware of an issue impacting 4G services nationwide. Data services may be falling back to 3G intermittently, causing congestion and slower speeds. We are working to resolve this issue ASAP”.

Microsoft says an outage with Microsoft 365 services mitigated

Microsoft has mitigated issues with Microsoft 365 services including Teams and Azure. “We have confirmed that the underlying DNS outage has been mitigated. Currently, we’re validating the recovery of the downstream Microsoft 365 services,” it said in a tweet. DNS is an address book of the internet that enables PCs to match website addresses with the correct server. Earlier, over 8,000 people reported issues with Teams workplace on Downdetector.

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Twitter suffers an outage, uses face issue with loading, DMs

Twitter faced an outage on Monday. Thousands of users reported problems in loading the app and the inability to send direct messages. Over 15,000 users reported problems with Twitter on the app outage tracking website Downdetector. The issue impacted the website, along with both Twitter’s iPhone and Android apps in the US, the UK, and few other parts of the world. In the US the outage was limited to the users along the east coast and parts of the Midwest.

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Zoom recovers from hour-long Outage

Zoom Video Communications, the video-conferencing platform, is finally up and running after an hour-long outage which resulted in users being unable to join meetings on Wednesday. Downdetector, an outage tracking website showed that nearly 2,000 people reported the issue with Zoom. The company said, the glitch was most likely due to a localised internet service issue and announced that all the systems were now operational on its status Page.