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Slack says customers in USA may be facing issues loading app

Slack Technologies said that its customers on the USA East Coast may be experiencing trouble loading its workplace chat application. The enterprise communication platform company’s technology team is investigating the problem, which includes issues with loading the quick switcher feature, users and profile details, according to its status page. More details of the issue are awaited.

Slack hit with outage as people returned to work on Monday

Slack said its workplace messaging service was hit by an outage on Monday, disrupting remote work as users returned from the holidays. The company is investigating the issues affecting users. Over 15,000 users had initially reported issues on Downdectector which had come down to 4,000, till the last report. Slack has added more than 20,000 paid customers in the last six months, bringing its total number of paid customers to over 142,000.

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Now Telegram reports outage

Telegram, joining the ranks with tech giants facing outages in the recent past, reported a downtime in few geographies across the globe. The instant messaging platform acknowledged the issue through a series of tweets. “Some of our users, primarily in Europe and the Middle East are currently experiencing connection issues. We’re working to bring them back online. Please hang on, and sorry for the inconvenience!” said one the company Tweet.

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Google’s Gmail service suffers outage on Tuesday as well 

Gmail connectivity issues affected a “significant subset” of users on Tuesday.  Google said service had been restored for all users at 6:51 p.m. New York time on Tuesday. The problem was first reported at 4:29 pm, according to its status page. More than 17,000 users had reported Gmail issues to the website DownDetector. Google services, including YouTube and  Gmail suffered major global outages on Monday for over 45 min due to an internal storage quota issue.

Microsoft’s Outlook also faces outage in Europe 

Microsoft’s Outlook users were not able to sign in and use their email on because of a glitch in its Active Directory infrastructure. Microsoft confirmed the outage and said it was affecting users in Europe. “We are addressing an issue that is intermittently preventing a very small subset of European customers accessing Outlook email. If the user retries the operation, they will be able to access.” a Microsoft spokesperson said.

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Great Google Outage of 2020: Gmail, YouTube, Docs back after global blackout 

Alphabet Inc’s popular user services — Gmail, YouTube, Google Docs, Google Meet, faced a global outage today starting around 5.30 PM IST. The outage, termed by the internet as ” Great Google Outage of 2020, lasted for almost 3 hours. Most of the services are back and is running normally. Users, during the outage, were not able to access the services. The company is yet to issue a statement on the outage.

Amazon’s cloud service sees widespread outage

Amazon Web Services has witnessed a large-scale outage on Wednesday, affecting its customers including — Video-streaming device maker Roku Inc, Adobe’s Spark platform, video-hosting website Flickr and the Baltimore Sun newspaper etc. Kinesis, a part of AWS’s cloud offerings, collects, processes and analyzes real-time data and offers insights, was experiencing increased error rates in US-East-1 Region and that impacted other AWS services.

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HDFC Bank’s digital payment channels down due to ‘data centre outage’

Outage at one of HDFC Bank’s data centres has impacted all transactions via digital payment channels — internet banking, UPI, debit, credit cards –since Saturday evening. The issue came to light when its customer started Tweeting about the problem on the microblogging site. The bank has witnessed something similar in December because of its ‘underestimated’ growth in payment volumes. The bank said that it is working on the issue and services will be resumed shortly.

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Twitter users complain of not being able to refresh tweets

Twitter was down on Wednesday evening as it was not responding for several users across the world. Tweeples in India and and South Asia were unable to refresh tweets. Over 2,200 users had reported the issue on The cause of the outage is not known yet. Earlier, Twitter, on 16 Oct, was down due to the changes it had made into its internal systems. In July, some high profile Twitter accounts was hacked in what seems to be a cryptocurrency scam.

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