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Akamai’s DNS outages bring down a major part of the internet

Some of the most popular websites and apps all over the world including UPS, FedEx, Airbnb, Fidelity, and the PlayStation Network went down on Thursday. The incident happened after Akamai reported an issue with their Edge DNS. The cause of which is still under investigation. Akamai denied any cyberattack. They have implemented a fix for the issue and the service is resuming normal operations.

Amazon restores service after global outage

After a global outage impacted shopping on Amazon’s sites, the company stated its online stores were restored to normal. At the height of the outage, over 38,000 user reports indicated problems with Amazon’s online businesses. It was the company’s second major outage following a brief outage on Amazon platforms including Alexa and Prime Video in June. The incident happened on Sunday night in the USA.

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TikTok goes down for several hours in USA

Viral short video app TikTok, according to Down Detector, was down for several hours on Wednesday. The company confirmed the outage and said that the app was experiencing some issues, and the team is working on fixing them. The popular app, which was banned in India last year, was down for more than four hours and was back to normal. TikTok outage was mostly experienced by users in the US. The company hasn’t explained the reason behind the outage.

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Massive outages hit Instagram, Facebook

Instagram, Facebook, and Messenger faced an outage between 11 pm and 12 am IST on Saturday night that affected thousands of users. A technical glitch in the system caused users to not be able to access accounts. In April Instagram, Facebook users faced issues with messaging. Youtube, Gmail, and Google were recently down in North America. Twitter faced a major outage last week. In May, Google meet was down for users in India for few hours.

After Monday night outages, Google has restored services

Multiple users, according to Downdetector, reported problems with Google search engine, its streaming and email services late Monday. These services were restored soon after. Users of North America had cited issues with login and accessing YouTube, Google and Gmail. Over 1,000 users were affected by the outage and some faced issues with their Google Drives. The reason for the outage is still unclear and Google has not given any official statements.

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Amazon is back online after many users face an outage

Downdetector found on Wednesday that multiple users faced outages on Alexa and amazon prime, which were restored later on. 6200+ users reported problems with Amazon’s shopping site, 1700+ users faced issues with prime video while 400 users with Alexa. In a little over an hour, the reports dropped to double digits. The reasons behind the outages are still unclear and Amazon has denied any comments.

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HDFC shifting to a new digital platform

HDFC said it plans to shift to a new digital platform instead of just scaling up the current systems. It is also moving its operations to the cloud and has added 50 new people as a part of its digital factory initiative. The bank denied any comments on official investments made in tech. The outages reported were non-repetitive and were not due to large volumes, the bank said. The focus will now be on upgrading It systems over the expansion of the bank.

Websites of various major U.S airlines faces outage 

American Airlines, Southwest Airlines, United Airlines, and Delta Air Lines websites faced an outage on Thursday, reported by downdetector. Almost 1000 users reported problems with Southwest airlines, 400 reported with Delta airlines, 300 reports for the other two companies. Nearly 300 flights on Wednesday were canceled by SouthWest airlines and delayed over 500 a day due to a technical issue. The reason for the outage was not known.

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Australian airlines, lenders, central bank affected by internet outages

Internet outages affected the Australian central bank, the postal service, commercial lenders, and many other companies. Operations to buy long-dated government bonds were canceled by the Reserve Bank of Australia due to internet issues. Many of the affected websites were back online by late afternoon. The CBA saw a widespread impact on its businesses due to the outages. The issue was with the host and the internet service provider.

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