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Pandemic becomes bliss for gaming industry; firms ramp up hiring

The Internet gaming industry is leaving no stone unturned to come up with new and more engaging content. Gaming firms are adding more staff to cater to the growing need during pandemics. Dream Sports more than doubled the total number of people it employed in 2020. MPL also increased its staff in 2020 and plans to add more in 2021. All these firms are focusing more on hiring developers and designers.

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Survey shows 6 of 10 companies want to hire new talent this year

A new report said that 60% of companies surveyed are looking to hire fresh talent this year. During the pandemic, 81% of the surveyed took to digital platforms for hire. 53% want to hire new employees for product and tech-related jobs while 39% want to hire for sales jobs. Almost 36% of companies expressed their concerns over the lack of data-driven and tech-related hiring processes. The report surveyed C-suit executives and HR leaders of 500 companies.

COVID-19 cause chip shortage hits cellular IoT module market hard

The global market for cellular IoT modules has been affected due to the COVID-19 pandemic as it dropped by 8% to $3.1bn in 2020. The shortage of semiconductor chips affected a lot of companies in Europe, North America, and other big markets in Q4 of the last year. The only big market showing growth in 2020 was China with 14% YoY growth in cellular IoT modules. In the next four years, around 4.5 bn cellular IoT connections are expected.

61% of working Indian women feel less optimistic about jobs in pandemic

A Deloitte report said that 51% of the 5000 surveyed women feel less optimistic about their jobs in the pandemic. With the increased workload, women reported a 35 point drop in mental health and a 29 point drop in motivation compared to pre-pandemic levels. 57% of the 500 women surveyed in India feel career growth is slow during the pandemic, while 61% are less optimistic over jobs. Indian women feel more challenged as 80% take up household chores and 47% take up childcare responsibilities.

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Cyberattacks rise amidst COVID-19 pandemic

Investigation reports of the data breach released by Verizon Business of 2021 show 5,258 breaches from 83 benefactors worldwide. A rise of over 33% than last year. Phishing and ransomware attacks have seen a rise by 11% and 6% respectively, with occurrences of misinterpretations rose by 15x YoY. 39% of attacks were on web applications. The impact of these breaches on the median of losses incurred is $ 21,659.

Pandemic has uplifted automation tech status in India

With the pandemic, businesses have turned to modern tech and this has brought Intelligent automation in the spotlight. A report by the IAMAI and PwC said that the IA market in India is estimated to grow at CAGR 55% annually. By 2024 an investment of $350mn is expected. In 2020, 94.7% of Indian firms have increased digital transformation, whereas 92.3% are rethinking business models. In the next few decades, 64% of Indian companies may turn to cloud computing.

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Rs.33 cr raised by Google through internal donations for NGOs in India

Google has raised over Rs.33 cr to aid NGOs working relentlessly in India during the deadly second wave of COVID-19. Apart from providing funds to NGOs like GOONJ, GiveIndia they are also showing over 2,500 testing centers and 23,000+ vaccination centers on maps. On YouTube, a piece of authoritative information set in the form of a playlist has been created. Last month it announced Rs 135 cr for urgent medical supplies i.e oxygen, equipment, etc.

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Accenture pledges ₹185 cr for COVID-19 relief efforts in India

Accenture has pledged ₹185 cr for pandemic relief efforts in India, in addition to its ongoing investments. Rekha M Menon, Chairperson, and Senior MD, Accenture India, in a blog post said ” … Additionally, we will be augmenting existing hospitals with beds and ICUs and setting up portable hospitals.”  The IT firm has started telemedicine, care-at-home services, virtual childcare, mental health support, etc for their two lakh employees and their families in India.

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India’s Google tax collection rises 81% in FY21

Google tax collected in India increased 81% for the FY21 to touch Rs 2057 cr, against Rs 1136 cr collected in FY20. Google tax is referred to as tax applicable to non-resident e-com firms in India. The revenue of these firms increased due to pandemic led lockdown and social distancing norms, which lead rise in tax collected from them. The biggest contributor to the Google tax was Bengaluru ( Rs 1020cr), Hyderabad ( Rs 538cr), Delhi ( Rs 323cr) and Mumbai (134cr).

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