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Intel to invest $600 mn to expand chip, develop self-driving car tech in Israel

Intel will invest another $600 mn in Israel to expand R&D and spent $10 bn on a new chip facility. The announcement was made the CEO Pat Gelsinger who elaborated that $400 mn will be invested to turn Mobileye unit headquartered in Jerusalem into an R&D campus for the development of autonomous vehicle driving tech. Balance $200 mn will go into building an R&D center, called IDC12, in the port city of Haifa. Intel’s “mega chip design” facility will create 6,000 jobs.

Intel appoints Indian-origin Randhir Thakur to head ambitious foundry business

Intel has appointed Indian-origin and semiconductor industry veteran Randhir Thakur to head its newly formed Intel Foundry Services business. This has come at a time when Intel has announced its ambitious plans to lead in providing US and Europe-based foundry capacity ‘to serve the incredible global demand for semiconductor manufacturing. Intel recently announced an investment of $ 20 bn to regain pole position in the chip industry. Thakur will report to CEO Pat Gelsinger.

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Intel to spend $ 20 bn to revive manufacturing, chase TSMC

Intel’s new CEO Pat Gelsinger will spend $20 bn on two new plants to break into the foundry business. The firm plans more factories across the USA. The aggressive plan will put Intel into direct competition with the world’s most-advanced chipmaker Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. Intel, for decades dominated the $400 bn industry, But today, Intel’s factories trail TSMC and Samsung, which make chips for Intel competitors — AMD, Amazon and Apple.

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