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Infosys close to winning $1.5 bn Pfizer deal

Infosys has emerged as the front-runner for a $1.5 bn Pfizer IT outsourcing deal and is said to be in the last few laps of negotiation. If it wins, it will add a significant amount to the existing large deals TCV of nearly $12 bn. Recently, Infosys won the $3.2 bn Daimler contract and $1.5-bb Vanguard deal in August. In 2020 fiscal, Infosys had a large deals TCV of more than $9 bn, which was 44% higher than in the previous year.

Zoom founder’s wealth drops $5 bn as Pfizer says COVID-19 vaccine 90% effective

This year the stock price of Zoom Video Communications has soared more than 500%. Similarly, the wealth of Eric Yuan, a Chinese-born poster boy of Coronavrious economy, was at one point worth $28.6 bn — to become the 40th wealthiest person on the world. It took a hit on Monday after Pfizer said the COVID-19 vaccine prevented more than 90% of infections in a study. Zoom shares fell 17% in New York, erasing $5.1 bn from Yuan’s net worth.

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