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China-based hackers targetting SBI, other banks customers

China-based hackers are targeting bank customers using phishing scams. Customers are asked to update KYC on a fake website and offered rewards of Rs 50 lakh from a fake bank WhatsApp account. The fake website layout resembles the official SBI website. Experts, after looking into the matter, found that not just SBI but also IDFC, PNB, IndusInd, and Kotak bank users are also targeted by the same type of phishing scam.

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Most phishing emails originate from Eastern Europe: Barracuda

A Barracuda Networks and Columbia University researchers said that phishing emails are more likely to originate from parts of Eastern Europe, Central America, the Middle East and Africa. Researchers examined the geolocation of over two bn emails to reach the conclusion that a higher volume of phishing emails ( 1,000 +) has a high probability of originating from Lithuania, Latvia, Serbia, Ukraine, Russia, Bahamas, Puerto Rico, Colombia, Iran, Palestine and Kazakhstan.

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72% of cyber attacks related to COVID-19 comes via fake ‘trusted’ emails

Cybercriminals are using COVID-19 cures and donations themes in scamming attacks to compromise email accounts in Indian firms. In fact, 72% of COVID -19-related attacks today are scamming or spear-phishing emails, sent mostly from a trusted source. Just for facts, 36% of overall attacks come from scammers, 13 % from internally compromised accounts. A massive 71% attacks include malicious URLs, only 30% of BEC attacks included a link.

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Phishing, scamming top threats to businesses, says Barracuda Networks 

Barracuda Networks said that phishing and scamming attacks have become the biggest threats for business accounting for over 86% of all spear-phishing attacks between Aug and Oct 2020. The firm said it evaluated over 2.3 mn spear-phishing attacks that targeted over 80,000 firms and found that phishing was behind half of them. Scamming (36%) followed second. BEC and extortions made 12% and 2% of the attacks, respectively.

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Indian firms concerned over rising cyberattacks from China

Cyberattacks originating form China has become a significant cause of concerns for India firms. The country, in the Asia Pacific, topped the chart of ransomware attacks as 74% of firms have come under attack, as per global security firm CrowdStrike. The finding also includes the loss of $1-$2.5 mn to Indian firms due to malware attacks last year. Ransomware, phishing, password attacks are major concerns as 90% of organisations were threatened by e-crime and 77% by hacktivist. 

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Microsoft tops list of most imitated brand name by hackers in Sep quarter

Microsoft (19%) topped the list of brand names imitated for phishing attacks in the Sept quarter globally said cybersecurity firm Check Point. Google and Amazon, the most imitated brand names in June quarter, slipped to number 3 and 9, respectively. The top five most imitated band’s list include DHL (9%), Google (9%), PayPal (6%) and Netflix (6%). Email phishing accounted for 44% of attacks, web phishing for 43% and mobile phishing for 12%. WhatsApp was the most imitated brand in mobile phishing.

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Scam alert: phishing SMS duping netizens using fake Apple chatbot

Sophos reported a new SMS phishing scam circulating on the internet that is duping innocent users into giving up their bank account details by pretending to be a chatbot by Apple. Scammers, according to the report, are sending SMSs with malicious links to smartphone users. The message informs users that they’ve been selected for Apple 2020 Testing Program. Sophos asked users to ignore/delete such messages and recommends using web filters and VPNs.

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How Mashreq Bank is controlling Phishing, DDoS attacks using technology

Mashreq Bank, despite having a strong internal security measure, continued to face several phishing attacks and a few DDoS attacks. They launched an AI, ML-based Enterprise fraud management system that covers transactions from all bank channels and derives customer transaction patterns. It then sends out early warning signals. The bank has also put in place real-time payment tracking that lets customers see where their money is during a transaction.

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CERT-In warns users of phishing campaigns disguising as “government emails”

CERT-In has alerted NIC email service users of a phishing campaign, asking users to verify their govt accounts. The email, pretending to be from NIC, consists a malicious link/ attachment that contains topical info to lure users into opening it. Hence, infecting the system and stealing victims’ personal info. The system can also be used to send such emails to other users. Users are advised to verify the URL ( before entering their details.

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