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Twitter may come up with new privacy features

Twitter has come up with more ideas about new features around conversation ethics and privacy. The new privacy policy includes a feature that would allow people to be more private and more easily navigate between their various accounts. Another new idea under observation is tweaking the Compose screen. The new feature may allow users to make their account hidden making sure that it is not visible in searches.

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Govt says WhatsApp tricking users in India to accept new privacy policy

The Indian govt told a local court that WhatsApp was tricking users to accept the new privacy policy and has asked the court to restrain the instant messaging app from bombarding users with push notifications. The Facebook-owned company, however, has assured the court that the privacy of users is its top priority. The new rules give WA significantly more access to metadata. WA users in India cannot opt-out of accepting the new privacy policy but European users do.

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WhatsApp receives notice from the Indian govt to withdraw new privacy policy

The Govt of India has ordered WhatsApp to withdraw its new privacy policies as they undermine privacy, data security and harms the legal rights of Indian citizens using the platform. The ministry has taken a stand against Whatsapp for “irresponsibly” leveraging its position to impose “unfair” terms and conditions on Indian users. An expert said, “The option apparently given to users in other jurisdictions to opt-out of the revised policy will also need to be explained.”

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Govt is proactively looking at WhatsApp privacy rules issue

Govt of India is looking to take appropriate measures around WhatsApps new privacy rules. On Thursday Germany banned the new privacy rules of WhatsApp, which will come into effect from May 15 for users to accept. Not accepting the policy will not lead to the removal of accounts, but certainly features downgrade. “The ministry is proactively looking at what we can do about it,” MeitY Special Secretary and Financial Advisor Jyoti Arora said in an event.

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WhatsApp sees growth despite retaliation over policy update

The start of 2021 wasn’t exactly as smooth as the Instant Messaging platform Whatsapp had wanted.  The Facebook-owned platform, however, said that despite facing retaliation they have seen their numbers grow. Exact numbers were not provided by the social network. Facebook’s family of apps witnessed a growth of 3.21 bn active users in Sept to 3.45 bn users by the end of March.

Google seeks details of data collection, usage by developers on Play Store

Google is finally working on the privacy of data for its users. On Thursday, the tech giants released a statement seeking details of the data collected by developers on the Play Store and also how it was being used. The third quarter of this year shall see the new privacy policies being rolled out and by Q4 the developers, including Google itself, compiling with them. Google wants to ensure that Google Play is a safe space for android app users.

WhatsApp to roll out in-app banner to explain the privacy update

WhatsApp delays enforcement of its new privacy policy, following a backlash from users which later led to a legal challenge in India. Following the outcry, WhatsApp attempted to explain that the privacy update was actually focused on optional business features, including advertising on FB. They will roll out a small, in-app banner that will ask users to re-review the privacy policies and will be shown a deeper summary of the changes.

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82% of users disapprove of WhatsApp’s proposed privacy policy change

A survey conducted by market research and communications advisory firm BM Nxt said that 82% of the users disapproved WhatsApp’s intent to change its privacy policy and open select user data with parent company Facebook. While 37% of users said they considered the move a serious breach of their privacy, another 45% said they didn’t find it good, albeit they could live with it. Only 18% said the change didn’t bother them.

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WhatsApp new privacy policy allows it to share more user data with Facebook

WhatsApp’s new privacy policy enables it to share commercial user data with parent Facebook. The personal chats between users, however, will not be shared, but the new policy allows sharing of data on business interactions across the group, in line with Zuckerberg’s vision to build a messaging commerce platform. ” In order to enable and help small businesses better, we are updating our terms of service and privacy policy, ” said a spokesperson.