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Intel launches new chip for cloud computing, data centres providers

Intel has launched its flagship data centre microprocessor “Ice Lake” for cloud service providers and massive data centres. It has already shipped about 200,000 test units. The new chip is slower than AMD’s flagship data centre server chip launched in March. Intel, however, is banking on greater control over its supply chain that the chips offer, besides, portfolio of data storage, networking, etc which work well with the “Ice Lake” processor.

Samsung to manufacture chips with newer 3nm processor at Texas plant

Samsung to build a plant in Texas, the USA with an investment of $10 bn to manufacture a new logic chip of 3nm processor by using ultraviolet lithography tech. The company might invest $116 bn in the next 10 years into non-memory chips. It’s semiconductor business invested $26 bn in 2020 into memory business which is lower than its rival company TSMC, which invested $28 bn in 2020. Samsung might face massive competition from TSMC.

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Huawei is running out of processor chips because of US sanctions

Huawei says it’s running out of processor chips because of US sanctions against the company. Richard Yu, CEO of Huawei’s consumer business unit said that by next month, they won’t be able to make its own Kirin chipsets due to the ongoing economic pressure from the US. The Trump administration barred the US firms and manufacturers from selling technology to Huawei unless approved by the govt. Despite the ban, Huawei outpaced Samsung in Q2 smartphone shipments.

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