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Pak to unblock TikTok after it vows to moderate content

Pakistan to lift the ban on TikTok after it has promised to block content spreading “obscenity and immorality.” “TikTok has agreed to moderate accounts in accordance with local laws,” said a spokesman for the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority. The ByteDance owned app has over 20 mn monthly active users in the country to become the third-most downloaded app after FB and Whatsapp. The move comes some 10 days after Pakistan blocked TikTok.

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Pakistan bans TikTok for ‘immoral and indecent content’

Pakistan Telecommunication Authority on Friday blocked TikTok, appending into the list of countries who oppose the ByteDance-owned video-sharing platform. The PTA said the step was taken after the authority received complaints from different segments of the society against immoral and indecent content on the app. The authorities issued a final notice to the app and gave a considerable time to respond and comply with the instructions but it failed.

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