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Indian Public Cloud market revenue to hit $9.5 bn by 2025

The Indian Public Cloud services market clocked a revenue of $3.6 bn in 2020 and is projected to hit $9.5 bn by the year 2025. Public clouds, in the year 2020, became important for firms for business continuity, flexibility, and agility. As a result, organizations continued to splurge on cloud services. The top two players, together, held 49 % of the Indian public cloud services market in 2020. The pandemic, on the other hand, was the key driving force behind cloud adoption.

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Gartner says India’s Public Cloud end-user spending to reach $4.4 bn in 2021

A Gartner forecast said that the end-user spending on Public Cloud services in India will grow in double digits for the first time to reach $4.4 bn in 2021. A 31.4 % rise compared to the last year in spending on SaaS and cloud management and security services. Customer experience and relationship management (24.9%) and content services (26.1%) will be the top two growth segments in the year.

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