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OYO employees get training on data sciences

OYO Hotels & Homes, to enhance the employees’ skills and prepare them for future roles, launched the Data Science Academy in Sept. The programme curriculum, designed by in-house experts, had immersive sessions in data mining, dashboarding, statistical modelling, insights generation etc. The 60 hrs of learning modules included specific tools and tech on R, Python, SQL and Excel. The first batch was officially declared graduate on Dec 23.

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93,500 data science jobs were vacant in August 2020: Great Learning

Great Learning’s recent study on jobs and hiring trends in data analytics reveal that over 93.5K data science jobs were vacant in August ’20 end. Top data science recruiters include Accenture, Cognizant, Infosys etc. Python remains the most demanded skill followed by Java/JavaScript and R. Among dashboarding and BI tools, Tableau skills are most in-demand. Bengaluru creates the max number of data science/analytics jobs. Following in are Delhi NCR and Mumbai.

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Why coding is important to become a data scientist

In a data science project, 57% to 60% accounts for data cleaning. This is done by coding. Hence, it is essential to have basic programming knowledge, if not expert level. R and Python are the two main programming languages with built-in packages used for data science projects. Plus, mathematical, statistical and problem-solving programming skills for predictive modelling and data analysis are vital. Big Data platforms – Hadoop, Spark – demand strong coding skills.

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