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IIT Madras, IBM join hands-on quantum computing

On Monday IIT Madras announced that it will join forces with IBM on quantum computing as students and faculty at the institute will get access to tech giant’s quantum systems over the cloud. The collaboration will enhance research in quantum computing and enable students to prepare for careers. The syllabus will be jointly taught by IIT M professors and IBM researchers with hands-on lab sessions. Over the past few years, India has seen a lot of growth in quantum computing.

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Indian education Institutes to gain access to IBM’s quantum computing system

IBM said they will provide Indian institutes over the cloud access to its quantum computing systems for training and research. IISER Pune, IISER – Thiruvananthapuram, IISc Bangalore, IITs of Madras Jodhpur, Kanpur, IIIT Delhi, ISI Kolkata, TIFR Mumbai, and the University of Calcutta are the institutes that will have the access. It will also provide resources and tools to enable 100-150 students to work on quantum computers.

LG, Qu & Co to develop quantum computing tech

LG and quantum algorithm developer Qu & Co have joined hands to conduct research to develop quantum computing tech for multiphysics simulations over the next three years. Multiphysics involve simultaneously occurring multiple physical phenomena and is used to analyze, verify such systems. LG said it expects quantum computing tech to be implemented in big data, IoT, robotics, and to improve competitiveness in future tech businesses.

MeitY, AWS to set up quantum computing apps lab in India 

MeitY will collaborate with AWS to set up a quantum computing apps lab in India to help accelerate quantum computing-led research and development and enable new scientific discoveries. AWS will also provide quantum computing-as-a-service to ministries and govt departments, researchers, scientists, academia and developers to enable advances in areas such as manufacturing, healthcare, agriculture and aerospace engineering.

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Ten foreseeable tech trends for deep tech in India

1. Cloud-first computing models. 2. Data lakes to manage data sources. 3. Quantum cloud computing machines for targeted use cases. 4. Agile IT-architecture to support emerging data, analytics needs. 5. AR, VR. 6. Loosely coupled systems using microservices 7. SaaS, PaaS platforms 8. Improved developer productivity through intelligent assistance systems. 9. Automatically configurable infra 10. Pre-configured, reusable, intelligent software building blocks.

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Trump administration announces $1 bn investment for AI, quantum computing hubs

White House is rolling out $1 bn investment into Artificial Intelligence and quantum computing to make “world-class hubs for accelerating American innovation and building the 21st-century American workforce”. The Trump administration, last year,  issued an executive order to bolster U.S. dominance in AI. The fund will be used in R&D hubs linked to federal agencies to “pursue transformational advances” in quantum computing, ML and computer vision.

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5 trends transforming cloud computing

1. Hybrid Cloud –highly popular because of its public, private cloud capabilities. Public cloud elevates end-user experiences; private cloud offers security. 2. Serverless Computing – Reportedly, 20% global firms have planned to deploy serverless computing in 2020. 3. Quantum Computing – reduces energy consumption while maintaining performance. 4. AI/ML – ensures low-cost, excellent cloud performance.5. Rules compliance, disaster recovery, security.

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