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37% increase in cyberattacks on healthcare in  2020

Check Point said, monthly cyberattacks on hospitals and healthcare organisations rose by 37% in the last 12 months and therefore, was the most targeted industry in 2020. Cyberattacks targeting healthcare organisations increased by 45% globally in Nov and Dec of 2020. The most common cyber threats the sector faced was ransomware. Check Point added, nearly half of all ransomware incidents in Q3 2020, involved the threat of releasing data stolen from the target organisation.

Over 62.6 bn cyber threats Blocked in 2020

Trend Micro said it detected 119,000 cyber threats per min which lead to the blocking of over 62.6 bn threats in 2020. In this, email-borne threats made up 91%, attacks and about 14mn unique phishing URLs were detected. Attacks on home networks rose 210% to reach nearly 2.9 bn. Newly detected ransomware families increased by 34%, with “double extortion” attacks. Govt, banking, manufacturing and healthcare were some of the most targeted sectors.

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Intel 11th gen chips to add hardware-based ransomware detection

Intel’s new 11th gen Core vPro processors will offer cybersecurity at the processor level. The company revealed that its Threat Detection Technology or TDT is aimed especially at ransomware. TDT will be a built-in hardware security feature that will be able to detect ransomware by running on the processor in real-time by analysing various behaviours of the software. A ZDNet report said that this is the first known instance of deploying hardware to identify ransomware.

Desi pharma companies at high ransomware target in 2021: Report

Targeted ransomware attacks on the Indian healthcare and pharma sector will surge in 2021 as firms finalise vaccines to fight COVID-19, a new report said. According to the ‘threat prediction 2021’ report by Seqrite, the enterprise security arm of Quick Heal, although few ransomware operators decided not to target the healthcare sector during the pandemic, several new groups have continued to use ransomware against this sector.

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Network restructuring during lockdown caused rise in ransomware attacks: Check Point

CIOs in a hurry to provide WFH facility to employees by restructuring network and security systems during the pandemic made firms vulnerable to ransomware attacks, said Check Point. Several tech firms were not able to scale up cloud security leading to increased cyberattacks, said Check Point Software India and SAARC MD Sundar N Balasubramanian.  India was ranked second after the US among the top 5 countries affected by ransomware in the Q3 of 2020.

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Foxconn says internet back to normal after ransomware attacks

Foxconn said that the internet connection in its facility in the Americas is back to normal after the ransomware attack. The Apple supplier said an upgrade in information security level was completed in its affected facility and the ransomware had limited impact to its business operations. As per the news website Bleeping Computer, the ransomware attack on Foxconn happened over the Thanksgiving weekend and attackers demanded $34 mn in bitcoin.

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Ransomware, attacker behaviour to shape IT security in 2021

Ransomware and fast-changing cybercriminal behaviours will shape the cybersecurity landscape in 2021, said Sophos. The cybersecurity firm said that ransomware groups will continue to refine, change tactics, and techniques to become more evasive and target firms with multimillion-dollar ransom demands. An increase in apprentice-type attackers and ransomware trend “secondary extortion” where attackers steal and threaten to publish sensitive data, is also anticipated.

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Druva introduces new multi-layered ransomware defence to combat against rising threat

Druva has announced new capabilities to help companies strengthen their business flexibility.  The SaaS-based data protection firm’s new ransomware defence tool is designed to detect, respond and recover from malicious attacks with confidence and agility. The new tool scans for malware during recovery to prevent re-infection from hidden malware files. Furthermore, it automatically creates a recovery snapshot from the last known good snapshots at the backup and file level.

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India worst hit by ransomware in Asia Pacific region

India is most vulnerable to ransomware attacks in the APAC region with 74% of companies have suffered such cyberattacks, as compared to 67% in Australia, 52% in Japan and 46% in Singapore, said a survey. Indian companies have suffered a loss of $1-2.5mn due to malware attacks including phishing. Over 90% of Indian firms feel threatened by hacking groups, 77% of hacktivists and 66% of insider threat and 64% of nation-states threat.

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