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New bill would bring transparency on cybersecurity in Aussie organisations

Ransomware Payments Bill 2021 was introduced in the Australian House of Representatives on Monday which, if passed, would require organizations to inform ACSC before a payment is made to a criminal organization in response to a ransomware attack. The ACSC would be required to de-identify the information for the purpose of informing the public and private sector about the current threat environment.

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Seqrite launches cloud-based cybersecurity management platform for businesses 

Seqrite, a Quick Heal company, has released Hawkk, a cloud-based cybersecurity management platform that allows organisations to manage different security products from a single dashboard. Seqrite plans to introduce more next-gen tech to the platform, including EDR, zero trust, data privacy, and network security, according to the company. Seqrite claimed to have stopped 13,000 attacks by the year 2020 including ransomware, APTs and targeted attacks.

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Meatpackers JBS pays $11mn as ransom to cyberattackers

JBS USA paid a sum of $11mn after its system was hacked and its operations in North America and Australia were affected. Last week, post cyberattack, cattle slaughtering at all of its plants in the US were stopped for a day, which threatened to increase the prices. Investigations are being carried out and till now no company, employee, or customer data has been leaked. Russian groups REvil and Sodinokibi have been identified as the attacker.

US recovers $2.3mn paid to Colonial pipeline ransomware attackers

The US justice department said it has recovered cryptocurrency worth $2.3 mn which was paid by the Colonial pipeline to the ransomware attackers. 63.7 bitcoins worth $2.3 mn have been seized were part of the $5 mn ransomware Colonial paid to the hackers to gain access to IT infrastructure. The White House has urged companies to improve cybersecurity. The cyberattack will also be discussed this month in the meeting between the presidents of the US and Russia.

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US suspects new cyberattack on JBS is from Russia

The White House said it was informed by Brazil’s JBS SA that the disruption in meat production in North America and Australia was likely caused by a ransomware attack by an organization from Russia. On Tuesday, JSB said it had made quite some progress in resolving the cyberattack while the White House has directly addressed the issue to the Russian govt. The cyberattack caused prices to jump by $1 and reduced the rate of slaughtering by 18% compared to 2020.

For the first time, Microsoft launches a cybersecurity council for APAC countries

Microsoft has launched the first Public Sector Cyber Security Executive Council for the APAC countries as these nations continue to witness a higher-than-average cybersecurity attack including malware and ransomware. The council will virtually meet every three months to exchange cybersecurity-related information. The forum also aims to share best cybersecurity practices, learn from Microsoft security certification training, and share threat intelligence.

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Ransomware hit Irish health system struggles to recover

Four days after the ransomware attack, the Irish health system is still struggling to return to full functionality. Thousands of diagnostic appointments, cancer treatments, and surgeries have been canceled. Russian-speaking group named Conti has demanded a ransom of $20 mn and threatened to start selling private data soon if the demands are not met. The hospital telephones are also out of service, as the hospital is assessing its 2,000 IT-patient facings.

India leads the world in ransomware attacks

A Check Point report said that every week since April an average of 1,000 firms witnessed ransomware attacks. The first trimester of 2021 saw a rise of 21% in attacks and a 7% rise since April 2021. Compared to the start of 2020, a rise of 102% in ransomware attacks has been witnessed this year. APAC firms were attacked 51 times on average every week, 14% higher than the start of the year. India was the most impacted country in the world with an avg weekly attack of 213.

AXA subsidiary in Asia hit by ransomware attacks

A ransomware attack hit the IT operations of AXA partners in Thailand, Hong Kong, Malaysia, and the Philippines. The Axa insurance group subsidiary, in a statement, said, “certain data processed by IPA in Thailand has been accessed.” An investigation is in the process but the damage dealt by the attack is not yet clear. Axa, recently, said that it will stop writing cyber-insurance policies in France that reimburse customers for extortion payments made to ransomware criminals.