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BlackMatter ransomware attack hits technology giant Olympus

Olympus said that it was in the process of investigating a potential breach due to a Cybersecurity incident affecting its European, Middle East, and Africa computer networks. Data transfers in the affected systems have been suspended, and relevant partners have been notified, the company said. BlackMatter is a ransomware-as-a-service group, which rents its infrastructure to other ransomware groups, taking a cut of the ransom as payment.

Source: Bleeping Computers

Ransomware attacks show no signs of slowdown in healthcare sector

Hospitals have come under repeated cyberattacks, with ransomware groups showing no signs of a slowdown, amidst many countries dealing with the third wave of Covid-19. Vice Society, Hive are a few of the groups involved, with Barlow Hospital, Eskenazi Health, Waikato DHB, and Centre Hospitalier D’Arles, etc the ones being targeted. The groups exploit multiple vulnerabilities, with Windows PrintNightmare vulnerability being frequently targeted.

Source: Zdnet

REvil ransomware group is back after a short break

The REvil ransomware group has resurfaced, after a brief hiatus, they took following the cyberattack on Kaseya resulting in thousands of victims on July 4. All of the group’s internet infrastructure, such as its public site, negotiation portal, etc. is now back online. While many people expect the group to return with a new name, and a different ransomware variant, no new attacks have been reported so far, said ransomware expert Allan Liska.

Source: Business Insider

FBI warns of ransomware attacks on food, agro sector

FBI, in a notice to various companies, has warned of Ransomware attacks on the Food and Agriculture sector which will aim to disrupt the supply of products. With a large number of agro-industries now using IoT devices, large ones are targeted because of their ability to pay high ransoms, while smaller ones are targeted because of low cybersecurity. The notice also cited measures of protection such as backups, network segmentation, etc.

Source: Zdnet

India rapidly changing into a global Ransomware Capital, warns NPCI CEO

With cases of Cyberattacks increasing every day, India was labeled to be becoming the Ransomware capital of the world, said Dilip Asbe, the CEO of NPCI. The only way to reduce these attacks is to tokenise all payment mechanisms, he said. While tokenisation will reduce the risk to almost zero for card payments, it may cause friction amongst consumers in the short term, he elaborated.

Source: ET CIO

Apollo Pharmacy lodges complaint against cybersec firm for negligence

An Apollo Pharmacy representative lodged a police complaint against one of the two IT security companies providing internet security to Apollo. The firm, in its complaint, alleges that part of Apollo’s computer network was affected by a ransomware attack due to negligence of the security firm. While there was no data loss and no operations were affected, a complaint had been lodged under Sections 66-c, 43 r/w 66 of the IT Act.

Source: Times of India


Lockfile ransomware attack targets Microsoft Exchange servers

A new Ransomware family, “Lockfile” has been discovered, claim security researchers. It was earlier used to attack Microsoft Servers in Asia and the US and has hit at least 10 companies so far. Attackers used the incompletely patched “PetitPotam” vulnerability to gain access to the network, as one of the steps in a complex hacking process. Companies attacked include finance, engineering, and legal sector firms.

Source: Windows Central

“No Impact” from cyberattack claims Accenture

Lockbit, a Russia-based ransomware syndicate, detailed a cyberattack on Accenture on the dark web. However, Accenture has denied any loss stating that it had “identified irregular activity in its environments”, and immediately contained it. It also stated that it fully restored affected systems and that the attack had no impact on its operations or on clients. Lockbit however, continued to claim they stole 6 TB worth of data and are asking for a $50mn ransom.

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New Ransomware detection features announced for Microsoft Azure

A new ransomware detection software was unveiled by Microsoft. The software will be able to alert security teams, upon observing action “potentially associated with ransomware activity”. Using “Fusion” technology, the software was developed by Azure working with Microsoft Threat Intelligence Centre. The development comes amidst increasing ransomware attacks on schools and organisations, using Microsoft machines.

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