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Instagram reels might get browser support soon

In the near future reels might be visible on the Instagram website, as well. The social media giant is working on adding the feature of viewing reels on desktop browsers by adding a dedicated icon. The icon has the same appearance for the android and iOS versions. Even though using reverse-engineering the new icon has been spotted but is currently non-functional. Another new feature may show the expiration time left for a story.

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Creators may earn money through Instagram reels

In April Instagram announced it will be placing ads in reels. Content creators might get paid for making reels on Instagram via a new feature called “bonuses”, which is currently under testing. There is no news on whether these short videos can be monetized immediately or after they cross a boundary of views or users or both. Instagram also intends to roll out the feature to hide the number of likes on a post. The intention is to give control to the creators.

YouTube Shorts: YouTube launches TikTok rival in India

A lot of short-video platforms – Reels, Chingari, Moj etc – have been launched, ever since TikTok was banned in India. Appending into this list, now YouTube is also launching ‘YouTube Shorts’, with features just like TikTok. Thanks to YouTube’s large library of music, YouTube Shorts will give more music options to the creators. The feature will initially be launched in India for Android users, thereby expanding to iOS. 

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