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India has 96 M paid active OTT subscriptions, says Ormax Report

A report by Ormax, a media consulting firm, stated that in India there are 96M active OTT paid subscriptions, of which 40.7M are paying audiences. Titled “Ormax OTT Audience Report 2021”, it said the Indian OTT audience is currently at 353.2M, with 66% of total paying subscribers being male. The research-based on a sample size of 12,000 from urban and rural India, was conducted between May to July 2021.


End-user expenditure on IT services in India to reach $18 bn in 2021: Gartner

Gartner said that the spending of the end-user of IT services in India will reach $18 bn by the end of this year. This will be an increase of 10.7% from 20202. The consulting segment will be the largest spender with an estimated $4.6 bn. The hardware sector will see a decline of 2.8% and is the only sector with a decline. End-user expenditure on IaaS will be $1.6 bn this year with a growth of 57% compared to 2020.

50% Indian companies suffer unexpected downtime due to data loss: Report

Over 50% of Indian organisations suffered unexpected downtime in 2020 because of loss of data, said a report by Singapore-based cybersecurity firm Acronis. This was despite the fact that close to 70% of them were using 10 cybersecurity products at a time. 20% of IT professionals, surprisingly, don’t even know if their company is subject to data privacy laws. The survey was conducted on 4,400 IT users and professionals in 22 countries, including India.

Indian Businesses to implement Intelligent Automation By 2024

According to an IDC study, nearly 50% of businesses in India will introduce RPA by 2024. Triggered by COVID-19, RPA adoption will increase by 57% within a year. Indian firms first priority is to adopt automation for increased security and overall governance of processes. IDC surveyed more than 1,600 customers and revealed that the pandemic pushed the companies in the direction of digital transformation – and RPA adoption.

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On average organisations lose Rs 14 cr per data breach: IBM Security

An IBM Security study said that cybersecurity incidents, on average, cost companies Rs 14 cr per breach. The study was based on analysis of data breaches happened in by over 500 global enterprises, of which 80% resulted in the exposure of customers’ personally identifiable information. The firms, the report said, having fully deployed security automation tech — AI, analytics, witnessed less than 50% of the data breach costs compared to those who didn’t.

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Effects of outdated technology at workplaces: Salesforce report

1. 53 mins a day wastage for Indian employees; 57 mins a day globally. 2. Lack of motivation, happiness in 85% employees; inefficiency, idleness in 82%. 3. Almost 50% believe that their workplaces lack efficient remote working solutions. 4. 76% of IT leaders strongly favour their business tech for employee engagement. Conversely, 61% of IT workers oppose this. 5. Only 39% of IT workers strongly credit workplace tech for increased efficiency.

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