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Samsung’s new bots can pour wine, clean the house, recognise behaviour 

Samsung at CES 2021 unveiled three new robots-  JetBot 90 AI+, Bot Care, and Bot Handy that can pick up items for you, clean the house, and even act as your assistant. The JetBot 90 AI+ is equipped with LiDAR and 3D sensors to detect cables and small objects to avoid them while cleaning. Bot Care uses AI to recognise behaviour and accordingly respond to it. Bot Handy can put dirty dishes to the dishwasher, also set the table and pour a glass of wine.

9 in 10 people seek support from robots for better mental health

Over 9 in 10 people in India think robots can support their overall well-being much better than humans, a new Oracle study revealed. A whopping 91% of Indian workforce surveyed said they’d prefer to talk to a robot over their managers about stress and anxiety at work. The WFH culture has severely impacted the mental health of a significant percentage of people globally, with 70% reporting more stress and anxiety at work than any other previous year.

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Snapdeal completes testing last-mile delivery robots

Snapdeal has successfully conducted tested last-mile delivery using robots developed by Ottonomy IO. The robots use AI algorithms to navigate crowded areas and deliver to nearby homes. ML, fuse data from 3D Lidar and cameras help them understand the external world. Once the robot arrives at the doorstep, the customer receives an alert through a unique QR code. They also have UV lighting to disinfect the packet while navigating the delivery location.

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Milagrow’s humanoid robots can do almost everything you can imagine

1. RoboDiCaprio (155 cm), equipped with human detection sensors, face-recognition tech (98% accuracy), real-time navigation tech etc, can greet, patrol advertise etc. 2. RoboJulia can serve in restaurants to specific tables. 3. RoboElf service assistant has been deployed at many medical institutes 4. RoboNano, with Alexa Voice Service, cloud, smartphone control, can manage household security, call cabs, order pizza etc means – ‘the personal companion’.

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Lockdown drives demand for home automation appliances

The imposition of nationwide lockdown led to the rise in demand for home automation appliances as it was difficult for people to manage without domestic help. The demand is increasing from 10000 cleaning robots in FY20 to 4,00,000 in FY21. Xiaomi received 75% pre-order on its May-launched robotic vacuum cleaner. Electronic retail store chain Croma’s sales saw 25% hike. Automated dishwashers, smarter kitchen appliances and ACs are also fetching sales.

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Digital revenue contributes over 25% of Indian IT firms, higher for top ones

NASSCOM data shows that digital areas — AI, ML, sensors, robotics etc — clocked $50 bn revenue last fiscal, over 25% of the sector’s revenue of $191 bn. For leading companies, TCS (33%), Infosys (42%) and Wipro (42%) the contribution of digital is much higher. Firms, however, define digital differently, so the numbers are not strictly comparable, but a trend. Nasscom when first started breaking out digital revenue in 2012 it was just 4% of the sector’s revenue.

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Netherlands restaurant using robot waiters for social distancing

Royal Palace restaurant in Renesse, Netherlands is using robots as waiters to reduce human-to-human contact amidst coronavirus pandemic. The red-and-white robots have the ability to greet customers by saying “hello and welcome”, serve food and pick up used dishes. The yet to be named robots wear little scarves to look a little human.  These machine waiters, however, are unable to assist customers having food allergies or get an extra chair.

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