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US suspects new cyberattack on JBS is from Russia

The White House said it was informed by Brazil’s JBS SA that the disruption in meat production in North America and Australia was likely caused by a ransomware attack by an organization from Russia. On Tuesday, JSB said it had made quite some progress in resolving the cyberattack while the White House has directly addressed the issue to the Russian govt. The cyberattack caused prices to jump by $1 and reduced the rate of slaughtering by 18% compared to 2020.

Microsoft warns govt agencies, NGOs of group that attacked SolarWinds

Microsoft, which late last year identified the group behind SolarWinds cyberattack, has issued a warning saying it is now targeting govt agencies, think tanks, consultants, and NGOs. Russian originated Nobelium is the actor behind SolarWinds attack in 2020 launched an attack this week into the USAID. A new wave of attacks targeted 3,000 email IDs across 150+ organisations. The US and Britain have blamed Russian intelligence agency SVR in an attempt to gather intel.

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New draft law makes it must for foreign IT firms to open offices in Russia

Big tech companies, under the draft legislation, will be forced to open offices in Russia or face consequences such as advertising bans. Russia aims to control big tech firms like Apple, TikTok, Facebook, and Google who are allegedly abusing their positions and distributing content banned in Russia. The draft will make it mandatory for firms having a daily audience of over 500,000 to open offices in the country.

Russian hackers hit Apple in $50 mn ransomware cyber attack

Russia-based REvil group of hackers have hit iPhone maker Apple in a $50 mn ransomware attack via Taiwan-based Quanta Computer that manufactures MacBooks and other devices. The cybercriminals are demanding $50 mn from Apple after Quanta refused to pay and threatened the smartphone maker to publish confidential information on the Dark Web. The attack coincides with Apple’s “Spring Loaded” event.

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White House says Russia’s spy agency SVR behind SolarWinds hack

The White House, in a statement, said that Russia’s foreign intelligence service, SVR, was behind the SolarWinds hack, which stole data from nine federal agencies and 100s of private firms. Russian govt was always believed to behind the cyber attack, but the statement is the first formal acquisition. The White House also announced a series of sanctions against five Russian cybersecurity firms said to be involved in supporting hack.

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SolarWinds hacker accessed emails of top US Homeland Security officials

SolarWinds hackers have got access to email accounts of the Trump administration’s head of the Department of Homeland Security and other key members, the department responsible for eliminating threats emanating from foreign soil, news agency AP said. The intelligence value of hacking is not known yet. The hack, however,  raises serious questions over the USA govt’s ability to protect individuals, firms and institutions, if it can’t protect itself.

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Russian man admits ransomware plot against Tesla

A Russian man by the name of Egor Igorevich Kriuchkov has pleaded guilty in the USA district court of offering a Tesla worker $1 mn to bring down the company’s electric battery plant-based out in Nevada with ransomware and steal sensitive data for a ransom demand. Prosecutors alleged that Kriuchkov acted on behalf of foreign-based co-conspirators. Ransomware groups, in general, operates operating from safe havens hack into networks over the internet.

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Russia introduces its first 5G network

MTS, Russia’s leading telecom operator has finally launched the country’s first 5G network for trial use in Moscow. It is being introduced in 14 locations and a 4.9 GHz spectrum band is provided for the highspeed internet network services. Unlimited 5G Internet with a speed of 1.5Gb per sec, however, is only available to a few selected users who possess a 5-G compatible smartphone.

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SolarWinds hack was ‘largest and most sophisticated attack’ ever: Microsoft President

The SolarWinds hack that used a tech company to compromise many USA govt agencies is “the largest and most sophisticated attack the world has ever seen,” said Microsoft President Brad Smith. The hacking operation, which came into light in Dec and that was likely work of Russia, breached software made by SolarWinds to access thousands of firms and govt offices including U.S. Treasury, Justice and Commerce departments and other agencies.