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Infosys’ Salil Parekh’s compensation rise by 44% in FY21

Infosys CEO Salil Parekh’s compensation, in the fiscal year of 2020-21, saw a rise by 44%. He ended the year with a whopping Rs 49 cr income. Previously granted stock incentives and an increase in pay based on performance were the factors that led to this exponential rise. He received a stock compensation of Rs 30.99 cr and Rs 38 lakh in retiral benefits. 2019-20 saw Parekh earn Rs 34.27 cr.

How Infosys is reaping benefits of early digital investments

Infosys’s digital growth has been quite strong and it grew 25.4% YoY last quarter. The share of digital in Infosys’s business is 47.3% and is expected to cross over 50% soon. Infosys, in April, 2018, has laid out a digital roadmap for three years and since then it has managed to achieve faster growth on the back of its digital business. “This is because firms are spending on cloud, data, cyber security, or simply how people interact with technology” said Salil Parekh, CEO & MD, Infosys.

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Infosys surprises analysts as net profit rise 11.4% to Rs 4,233 cr

Infosys reported an 11.5% growth in profits to ₹4,233 cr in the Q1. Revenues, during the period, rose by 8.5% to ₹23,655 cr. The company said it would grow by 0-2 % in the current FY,  Infosys won large projects due to acceleration of digital project in large enterprises, following COVID- 19 pandemic. “We see a lot of demand in areas like cloud, workplace and digital transformation activities,” said CEO, Salil Parekh.

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