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Proposed tech rules of EU threaten the security of iPhones, says Tim cook

Tim Cook said that the proposed EU tech rules threaten the security and privacy of iPhones. He partially agrees with the rules, but expressed concern as legislation may allow apps to be downloaded by users from outside of the Apple store. This could ruin the security parameters that have been set by Apple, thereby putting users’ security at risk. Lawmaker Andreas Schwab said he wanted to strengthen the legislation and narrow the scope to just big companies.

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Chrome users soon to be warned by Google for risky downloads

Google is in the works to launch new safety features along with a new scanning tool for risky downloads. This will be done to safeguard users from phishing attempts. ‘Enhanced safe browsing’ launched in 2020, will provide additional protection. Google claims, ‘Enhanced safe browsing’ users are 35% less phished than other users. Last year after the Chrome web store was integrated with Google safe browsing, chrome disabled 81% of extensions to protect users.

Twitter shows apprehension regarding the safety of Indian employees

Twitter said that the recent visit by the Delhi police special team to the Twitter office in New Delhi was expressed as “use of intimidation tactics by the police”. The microblogging site expressed concern over the safety of the employees here. Twitter is now a part of the list of companies opposing the new IT rules of the Indian govt as it hopes to take a joint approach with the Indian govt while also recommend changing the new IT rules.

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Google’s Cloud Run offers committed use discounts, new security features

Google-owned serverless cloud platform Cloud Run has decided to give committed use discounts, meaning clients committing to spend a certain amount will get a 17% discount of that sum. A number of new security features will be introduced by google cloud-like binary authorization, the ability to mount secrets, managing owned encryption keys, and a new recommendation hub.

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HCL Tech, IBM join hands to strengthen security ops

IBM Security and HCL have joined hands to fortify threat management services for clients by modernizing the security operation center platform. HCL’s Cybersecurity Fusion Centers will leverage IBM’s Cloud Pak for Security to create a unified security platform to connect people, processes, and tools. They will also help enterprises to navigate their digital transformation journey. HCL’s six Cybersecurity Fusion Centers deliver threat management services across the globe.

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Mark Zuckerberg’s security costs Facebook  $23 mn

Facebook has spent $23 mn on the security of Mark Zuckerberg in the last financial year. Around $13.4 mn was spent on the security of his residences and while $ 10.4 mn during the pr security of Zuckerberg during travel. The security costs,  as per the filing, comprised mostly of the $23 mn that the Facebook CEO received in 2020 in the form of compensations.  Zuckerberg got an additional $10 mn pre-tax allowance to cover additional security costs.

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VMware acquires Mesh7 for application security on Cloud

VMware has acquired Mesh7, a US-based company, for an undisclosed price with the aim to deliver modern apps connectivity services to enable a developer experience for more secure operations, The company, founded by Amit Jain and Pratik Roychowdhury, provide ‘API Security Mesh’ solution empowers information security professionals that capabilities to protect modern, cloud-native apps and microservices against cyber threats and breaches.

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Apple’s new platform security for its devices

Apple has released a Platform Security guide that takes its security-built-into-hardware approach to a new level. The new Platform Security works with M1 silicon chips. System security is designed to maximise the security of the OS on 1 bn iPhones and millions of other Apple devices without affecting the usability. All Apple devices with a T2 chip have an AES hardware engine to power line-speed encryption as files are written or read which ensures data protection.

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Security bugs left unpatched in SHAREit’s Android app, 1bn impacted  

The Android version of SHAREit, downloaded more than one billion times, contains unpatched vulnerabilities that the app maker has failed to fix for more than three months. The bugs can be exploited to run malicious code on smartphones and hijack the app’s features to run custom code, overwrite its local files, or install third-party apps without the user’s knowledge as reported by Echo Duan, a mobile threats analyst for Trend Micro.