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SK Hynix latest smartphone chip is now in mass production

SK Hynix announced that it has started the manufacturing of DRAM with the latest 10-nanometer (nm) process tech. The company’s latest 8GB LPDDR4 mobile DRAM is built on the 1anm node, using extreme ultraviolet lithography technology. Their new product supports 4266 mbps of transfer rate and has 20% lower power consumption. It plans to supply the latest mobile DRAM products to smartphone makers from the second half of 2021.

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South Korea looks for Global chip making Supremacy, invests $450bn

Samsung and SK Hynix will invest up to 510 tril won into semiconductor research and production in 10 years. They will be among the 153 firms in the country to support the 10-year plan. SK plans to build a K-semiconductor belt that runs deep into Seoul and brings together chip designers, manufacturers, and suppliers. SK wants to train 36,000 chip experts and invest 1.5 tril won for R&D. South Korea, with its $450 bn plan, aims to join China and the US in a global race.

Rival SK Hynix to buy Intel’s NAND business for $9 bn

SK Hynix will acquire Intel’s NAND memory chip and storage business in a $9 bn deal which also includes laters manufacturing site in China. Intel will keep its “Optane” business of more advanced memory products. The deal will make SK Hynix the world’s second-largest provider of NAND flash memory chips after Samsung. Intel is moving towards more diverse tech while shedding operations in China amidst trade war between Washington and Beijing.

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South Korean chipmaker SK Hynix launches world’s first DDR5 DRAM

World’s second largest DRAM producer – SK Hynix – has launched the world’s first DDR5 DRAM in S Korea. It is a next-gen DRAM standard with transfer rates of 4800-5600 Mbps – 1.8X faster than DDR4. The product also consumes less power with operating voltage 1.1V, being lowered from DDR4’s 1.2 V. It is optimised for use in data intensive applications – big data, AI, ML. Researchers expect DDR5 to cover 10% of the total DRAM market in 2022 and 43% in 2024.

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US permits Intel to supply some technologies to Huawei

Intel Corp has received licences from US authorities to continue supplying certain products to Huawei, an Intel spokesperson said on Tuesday. From September 15, new curbs have barred US firms from supplying or servicing Huawei. Last week, China’s SMIC also sought permission to continue servicing Huawei. S Korean Chipmaker SK Hynix also applied for the some but did not gain approval. Some observers compare the current scenario to the ‘Cold War’ arms race.

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Now Samsung will also stop selling components to Huawei

S Korean electronics giant Samsung and SK Hynix will reportedly stop selling components to Huawei, following the US sanctions on the Chinese handset firm. The US govt last month had barred non-US firms from selling components that were built using American tech to Huawei. This is a big jolt to the company as soon as it wouldn’t be able to develop in-house Kirin chipsets. Taiwan-based TMSC also suspended sales to Huawei, leaving it with very few souring options.

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