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IT workers enrol for digital re-skilling as firms boost super-specialised profiles’ pay

IT firms are giving special rewards – salary hikes (min 15%), team recognition, etc – to those employees who are skilled in specialised techs like AI and cybersecurity. As a result, a large number of existing IT workers and freshers have enrolled for courses in these tech niches. EdTech firms like GreatLearning (50K), Jigsaw Academy (5k+), SpringPeople (6K+) are flooded with enrolment in specialised tech since April; 60% of which are freshers.

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4 high-demand technology skills of today’s era

1. Cloud Technologies offer highly-needed job roles – Cloud Architect, Cloud Software Engineer, Cloud Infra Engineer, Cloud DevOps, Cloud Security. Java, Python, C++, NodeJS, React, Kotlin etc are the required programming platforms. 2. More than 50% of industries rely on AI, ML. It will grow in the future. 3. DevOps engineers oversee the entire lifecycle of the project and are high in demand. 4. Full-stack development.

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Microsoft launches upskilling initiative for 25M people globally

Microsoft launched an initiative for digital upskilling of 25M people worldwide. The firm will offer free content access in LinkedIn, Microsoft Learn, GitHub Learning Lab. It will also give Microsoft Certifications and access to LinkedIn job seeking tools. Non-profit organizations that assist people to learn digital skills will be granted $20M by Microsoft. This initiative comes in to recover economy as it requires skilled workforce.

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IBM to launch a free skill-development platform open for all

IBM, together with Directorate General of Training (DGT), announced a free skill-development platform SkillsBuild Reignite and a ten-week SkillsBuild Innovation camp. Supported by MSDE, it is open for job seekers, business owners, entrepreneurs, and anybody who wants to learn, upskill. Job seekers can learn new-age technologies like AI, blockchain etc, whereas business owners, entrepreneurs can learn more about business strategies, financial literacy etc.

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