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Six out of ten people upgraded skills in 2020 to improve job prospects

According to a survey by Simplilearn, 6 in 10 participants upskilled in 2020 to improve their job prospects. Titled “State of Upskilling in 2021”, the survey had over 2500 respondents, both individual and corporate learners. 20% were freshers, 47% were mid-level employees, and 33% were senior professionals. 30% said lacking a key skill was an obstacle, while 31% said the pandemic was a factor. However, 85% feel optimistic about post-pandemic recovery.

Source: PR Wire

New digital development centre to be set up by Infosys in Canada

Infosys has announced plans to set up a new digital development centre in its largest office in Mississauga, Canada. Spread out over 50,000 sqft, it will create 500 high-level jobs in the next three years, training and upskilling employees in necessary technologies. It will also help coordinate with clients in the region and expand AI, ML, data science capabilities. The centre is the first of its kind in Canada, based on six similar ones in the USA.

Source: NDTV

Nasscom report estimates India will need 20L cloud professionals by 2025

With businesses migrating workloads to the cloud, post-pandemic, a Nasscom report, titled ‘Cloud Skills: Powering India’s Digital DNA’ estimated that India will need 20L cloud computing professionals by 2025. India could have 14-15L professionals by 2025 but can reach up to 17-18L with a fairly aggressive skilling roadmap. With the current talent pool of 608000, India can become the 2nd largest cloud talent hub with focused efforts.

Employees demand 70% raise in wages as covid forced upskilling

The pandemic has forced IT sector employees to drastically upskill themselves and thus they are looking for a staggering 70% increase in their wages. With the increase in demand for technical superiority, employees have worked overtime to improve their skills in domains of AI, blockchain, cloud computing etc. Improvement in communication skills has become a must. 82% of the jobs require digital skills as one of the basic criteria.

Indian professionals in Singapore have increased as demand for tech talent rises 

The number of Indian professionals in Singapore has doubled from 13% to 26% from 2005 to 2020. A senior minister highlighted that the growth is not due to favorable treatment but an increase in demand for tech talent. Locals blame the Comprehensive Economic Cooperation Agreement for the decline in jobs. Tan See Leng said, the talent pool of Singapore is good but does not meet the standards of multinational enterprises.

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60% of employees worried to lose jobs to automation: PwC survey

As per a PwC survey, around 60 % of the workforce are worried that automation may put their jobs at risk, The survey of 32,500 employees across 19 countries also revealed that 48 % are fearful that ‘traditional employment won’t be around in the future’. Adding to the sentiments, another 39% think that their job will be obsolete in the next 5 years. On the positive side, 40 % of those surveyed have improved their digital skills during the lockdown.

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30% of Indian businesses invest in digital, technological skilling initiatives

According to a joint study by Microsoft and IDC, 3 out of 10 businesses are investing in reskilling initiatives to drive innovation. However, 25% want support from the government to improve digital and tech skills in the workforce and 21% for digital technology adoption incentives for businesses. 55% of workers want businesses to formalize innovation-based rewards. 51% of workers and 48% of leaders want workforce models to include reskilling and up-skilling opportunities.

What skills India is learning for 2021

An Internshala Trainings, the e-learning arm of Internshala,  report said that 26% of students enrolled for programming with Python training, 23% for digital marketing, and 22% on learning web development. Ethical hacking and machine learning also charmed students with 15% and 14% enrolments respectively. Digital marketing (39%) and web and mobile app development (16%) were the top profiles among employers hiring remote interns and entry-level employees.

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4 most in-demand skills software engineers should learn in 2020

1. Artificial Intelligence: learn aspects of neural networking, supervised/unsupervised learning, logistics regression, binary classification, python for vectorisation. 2. Data Science: learn concepts like data wrangling, visualisation and communication. 3. Google Cloud Specialisation: It can help participants in understanding GCP networking technologies. 4. Machine Learning: master skills like Python, spark processing, predictive analysis, stats etc.

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