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Smartphone control to become handsfree soon

Google has been working on a new accessibility feature, reports ANI. The new feature will be similar to the “Voice Access” feature in earlier Android versions which let users access the phone through voice. The accessibility feature will depend on just the face, gaze, and facial expressions. Gestures such as smiling, looking up, down, sideways, will be used to control the screen and phone. Titled “Camera Switches”, it is still in the Beta phase.

Source: Hindustan Times


How to detect if NSO’s Pegasus spyware targeted your smartphone

The Mobile Verification Toolkit, or MVT, works on both iPhones and Android. It allows scanning a whole iPhone backup for any signs of compromise. In the outputted files, if the toolkit discovers a possible compromise, it will state so. iPhones had more forensic traces than Android smartphones, making it easier to identify on iPhones. Govts across the world used NSO Group’s spyware to hack into the phones of journalists, activists, politicians, and business executives.

Australia finds Google misleading users on data collection

Australia’s federal court found google misleading users of personal location data collected by Android smartphones, the country’s competition regulator said. ACCC said that android phone users were also not informed by Google that turning off location history but leaving the “Web & App Activity” setting ‘on’ would let it continue to collect the data. Google will be penalised by the local regulator, but the amount is not specified yet.

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Indian smartphone users time spent on app jumps 80%: App Annie

An App Annie report said that consumers across the globe are spending on an avg 4.2 hrs a day on mobile apps, a 30% rise from just two years ago. In some countries, the average is even more than five hours. In the  Q1 of 2021, the daily time spent in apps surpassed four hours in the USA, Turkey, Mexico and India for the first time, highlighted in the report. In India, smartphone users spent 80% more time on mobile apps in Q1 2021, against Q1 of 2019.

LG to shut smartphone division by July; first major brand to withdraw from market

LG said that it will wind down its mobile division by July 31. The Korean smartphone brand, which was once in 2013 became the world’s third-largest manufacturer behind Samsung and Apple, will become the first global brand to withdraw from the market. It still has a 10% share in North America to become the No. 3 brand. The division has registered straight-six years of losses of around $4.5 bn and accounted for 7% of the LG group’s revenue.

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Xiaomi plans to invest $10 bn into EVs, Co-founder Lei Jun to lead department

Xiaomi to invest about $10 bn over the next 10 years in the manufacturing of electric cars. The billionaire co-founder of Xiaomi Lei Jun will lead the new standalone vertical and spearhead the smartphone manufacture’s entry into the huge but unfamiliar and competitive territory. Initially, Xiaomi will invest $1.5 bn in the manufacturing of smart vehicle and ramp it up rapidly in the years to come. Xiaomi’s stock rose 6.1% Wednesday in Hong Kong.

LG may shut down its smartphone business: Local Media

LG may shut down its mobile business, according to a local newspaper report. The Korea based firm tried to sell the unit, but negotiations with Germany’s Volkswagen and Vietnam’s Vingroup JSC failed said the report. “ is about time for LG to make a cold judgment and the best choice…The company is considering all possible measures, including sale, withdrawal and downsizing of the smartphone business,” the LG CEO said in an internal memo.

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Apple just had its best quarter in India

Apple shipped over 1.5 mn smartphones in India in the quarter ending in Dec 2020, up 100% YoY.  This makes it the best quarter for Apple till date in India, according to research firms Counterpoint and CyberMedia. Credit goes to rise in demand of old generation phones — iPhone 11, XR, and the newer iPhone SE, iPhone 12.  Its market share in the country doubled to 4% in the quarter. Overall, Apple shipped over 3.2 mn units in India in 2020, up 60% YoY.