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SMBs that disclose breaches tend to experience 40% less financial damage: Kaspersky

A Kaspersky report said that SMBs and enterprises that decide to voluntarily inform stakeholders and the public about a data breach, on an average, are likely to lose 40% and 28% less than, respectively, from their peers that saw the incident leaked to the media. Cost of damage suffered from a data breach to SMBs can come down to $93k if disclosed to stakeholders from $155k, if leaked to media. Similarly, for enterprises, it is $1.134 mn compared to $1.583 mn.

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Facebook to help 9 mn Indian SMBs to move from offline to online

Facebook has rolled out an “SMB Guide” to help small and media enterprises to make the digital transition seamlessly. Besides, it is also reaching out to nine million SMBs to ensure it reaches to those needed it the most. The Guide, free and publicly available in Hindi and English, covers Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp, mobile storytelling, social media advertising, and performance strategies. FB had announced a grant of Rs 32 cr to support Indian SMBs.

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Google India partners Zoho, Instamojo to help SMBs build digital presence

Google India has partnered with companies like Zoho, Instamojo and others to help small and medium businesses build digital presence. Small businesses will be able to create websites using Zoho inventory and sell online through Zoho commerce for free till March 31, 2021. Instamojo is offering a six-month free subscription to its ‘Premium Online Store Solution’. Google has also partnered with Dunzo and Swiggy.

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Facebook ties-up with Matrix Partners to scale Indian SMBs

Facebook announced a partnership with early stage VC fund Matrix Partners to scale small businesses in India, by providing them with timely digital skilling support. This is a part of Facebook’s VC Brand Incubator Program that collaborates with venture capital funds to help early-stage SMBs to maximize their digital potential. Facebook, this time, has taken the program online to ensure continued skilling, even during the pandemic.

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Why do Indian SMBs rely on Windows 10 Pro devices?

1. It comes with built-In security features i.e firewall, frequent security scans using cloud, wide optics, ML, updates auto-download, protection against corporate data breaches, viruses, ransomware, malware. 2. Uses BitLocker for file storage and biometrics facial recognition for user authentication. 3. From creating beautiful AI-driven PPTs to multitasking, increases productivity. 4. Compatible on a large range of devices. 5. Excellent manageability.

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